Game Criminal Case: Save the World

Game Criminal Case: Save the World
Publisher Pretty Simple
Genre Adventure
Size 75M
Latest Version 2.36
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update December 1, 2020 (3 months ago)

Suspense and mystery are the most acclaimed ingredients of entertainment. This is present within Criminal Case, where you become a real detective or investigator until you become the one who killed Amanda Love. This kind of application has a huge reception for the intrigue that has, each section is becoming more interesting, you really get involved with the mystery that exists through this adventure, so every download you get the peace of mind of having something to do.

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The dynamic that remains in Criminal Case

Being part of the police team is a great opportunity that is in Criminal Case, getting to travel and explore in first-class different places in the world, under this dynamic is investigating a series of murders that originate various cases, which gives life to a great adventure. The vision is put to the test during the development of the game, to discover all those objects that are hidden, managing to investigate thoroughly on the scenes in which a murder has been committed, in each scenario, there is important evidence, through which it is possible to solve that mystery immediately.

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The intelligence and sequence of each clue will lead you to another level of adventure, the best thing is that there is always a murder to investigate, you will be the right one for this responsibility, the game generates this great opportunity, where everything is focused on that collection of hidden data.

The realism in every inquiry in Criminal Case

There is no doubt that the value of the murder scenes is based on small details, so the best graphics are imposed so that you do not miss any clues, this is the opportunity that is generated through Criminal Case, the progress within it depends on this. Everything consists in that each player obtains evidence, which is going to point to a suspect, this will be able to interrogate just like a real method of justice, in fact, you get to analyze each one of the evidence that you obtain, this is the way that the game establishes to capture the murderer.

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All you should expect from Criminal Case

The skills that remain within each player to seek the truth after the investigation, are present in this game, as you can investigate each of the scenes worldwide, causes that feeling of traveling and take control of the situation to do justice as a detective. The idea is to keep looking for evidence at every step, so you have the opportunity to investigate in the same way as in the real world, with interrogations and other analysis, so you can discover the murderer and get justice once and for all.

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To save the world is to demonstrate the truth, which is possible through the collection of every hidden piece of information, which will be processed to continue building a definitive path to the truth.


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