Game Crypto Idle Miner

Game Crypto Idle Miner
Publisher Hora Games
Genre Simulation
Size 55M
Latest Version 1.6.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update December 29, 2020 (2 months ago)

Bitcoin has become and is becoming one of the most popular currencies. This currency is special in that it is not physically issued, but encrypted and circulated on the internet. Because of this feature, it attracts many people with a lot of knowledge about technology. You don’t need to do anything, just use computers with powerful processors to collect this currency on the internet. Generally, it is called a cryptocurrency. Crypto Idle Miner – Bitcoin Tycoon is an emulator that allows players to become a computer engineer and become rich by exploiting this resource.

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New player’s experience with the game

Often these games are not too unique but only revolve around real industries. Make one of the games that bring the newest and exciting experience for players. “Crypto Idle Miner – Bitcoin Tycoon” gives you a solid base. The next route is based on your decision. Your success is to build your own crypto empire. Players will become extremely rich, owning a huge factory that includes many supercomputers and a series of leading engineers.

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The simulation game requires players to have a clear strategy

Crypto Idle Miner in the idle clicker simulation genre. You will have to go through an extremely arduous process to reach your ultimate goal of becoming rich. At first, the player can only own a fairly small facility used for crypto mining. In the beginning, everything is pretty simple and the money you own is going up quite slowly. The biggest priority of this stage is for players to speed up their cryptocurrency growth. With the nature of an idle game, you don’t need to be online the game often, but it still works as usual. That means you don’t have to act on the game and your assets will automatically increase. The level of mid-level increase is less depending on whether you upgrade it to higher levels.

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Hire yourself the best cryptocurrency engineers

yourself participating in this game is just like an investor. That means you will use your money to invest in manpower and material. Your employees will also analyze the data as well as give advice on investment. The player will have to decide where to invest when to act to receive the greatest return. Thanks to this, players will have to hire analytical engineers, reliable employees so that they can work and make money while you are offline.

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In addition, you also have to upgrade a lot of different things. Examples are the computers used to mine Bitcoin and exchange them with other institutions. A powerful computer that can work nonstop for days can have enough capacity to mine Bitcoin. After your company has become large and rich, players need to upgrade their physical infrastructure. Build different buildings so they can do things like analyzing, store, exchange. The game’s player system is also very diverse to create a virtual marketplace where multiple players can exchange Bitcoins with each other. This is indeed a very educational game.


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