Game Cyber Fighters

Game Cyber Fighters
Publisher ZITGA
Genre Action, RPG
Size 101M
Latest Version 1.11.40
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Stamina
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Update January 17, 2021 (2 months ago)

It must be said that the guideline as well as the point of view that the publisher ZITGA always puts on the top is “Bring the joy to everyone”. It is true that they are doing it very well because the Stickman series has received a lot of love and reception from players, with hundreds of millions of downloads. And Cyber ​​Fighters: Legends Of Shadow Battle is a new product of ZITGA, a familiar Hack n Slash game as well.

It’s a mix of the role-playing game genre and the action scrolling inside a futuristic setting. Here, you will play the role of a brave warrior fighting the evil forces in the city of Detroit. You will be plunged into the world battlefield of Cyberpunk with fierce battles. This city needs to be protected and you are the one to be able to do so. Let’s get up to fight strongly!

Cyber Fighters (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stamina)

The game has a very attractive storyline

Cyber ​​Fighters set in 2077, when World War 3 has just ended and the world map has been reshaped. And the North American territory was divided into five intersecting areas in the city of Detroit. Now, when a series of agreements and agreements between nations fail, the city falls into anarchy and goes into chaos. More than 75,000 civilians were forgotten by the rest of the world. Not only that, but riots also happen everywhere and the worst is that the worst will be exiled. Detroit is believed to be the largest solitary confinement prison in the world, holds many dark forces, and is a place to enter but not to exit. Meanwhile, you as a Cyber ​​warrior are also lost here. And now you have two options, either to be the boss or to be the prey of Detroit.

Cyber Fighters (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stamina)

How to control and fight extremely interesting

Coming to the world Cyber ​​Fighters you will immerse yourself in a series of extremely eye-catching scenes. You along with your character will fight against hundreds of enemies in each round, with the aim of going to the final round to defeat the demon lord. Regarding the control mechanism, you will fight on a 2D screen on your mobile phone, move left, right, and defeat all enemies through Cyber ​​skills and actions. In the bottom corner of the screen, you can jump, move fast, jump up high, and attack. With powerful martial arts fighting skills and well-equipped with good weapons, you will become a great warrior who never falls down before anyone. Then the current wars and troubles will end, the city will return to peace as it once was.

Cyber Fighters (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stamina)

Everything is designed quite meticulously

It must be said that the game is very meticulously designed, like RPG games or MMORPGs. It has a varied and detailed system of quests, character systems, and skills. They are separate and can be upgraded to make the character stronger than ever. Besides that, there’s also a rich and open repository of content for you to explore. There are hundreds of levels in story mode and you will take turns defeating evil forces to move to the next level with more challenges. Not only that, along with that are two modes of arena and survival. Although the gameplay is not new, the content changes, forcing you to have the right abilities and skills to win.

Cyber Fighters (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stamina)

The character system of the game

The character system of the game will have a total of 5 characters including a default character and the remaining four are waiting for you to unlock them. Coming to Hachi, a man introduced as a bee queen. He has deadly stings, taken lightning-fast from a distance. And Inferno is a man in the name of God, born in a prison raised among sinners. He is known as the messenger of a powerful rage. And Nala, she is a black woman, with her spear and the ability to move fast like the wind is known as the killer shadow. Finally, there is the Czerno 21, a war machine fitted with state-of-the-art weapons. Each character has a unique advantage and fighting skills. Choose the person best suited to you to fight.

Cyber Fighters (MOD, Unlimited Money/Stamina)

The Importance of Skills

Skills are an important factor in any action game in general and Hack n Slash in particular. Cyber ​​Fighters has a detailed skill system, with dozens of skills for each different character. Some passive skills will help increase the strength and physical strength of the character. Proactive skills, you will have to learn how to use them properly, while at the same time combining skills together to create perfect combos. Skills are not available so you have to level up and unlock them collectively. Cyber ​​Fighters is one of the highly entertaining games with interesting content that you should play to relax. Download and experience the game as a world rescue fighter. Come on!


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