Game Cyber Hunter Lite

Game Cyber Hunter Lite
Publisher NetEase Games
Genre Action
Size 1.6G
Latest Version 0.100.327
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OS Games Android

Cyber ​​Hunter Lite – an ARPG mobile phone game with unique gameplay and the highest quality graphics for smartphones. Are you ready to engage in dramatic and engaging strategic battles?

Special skills and tactics

In general, if you already know the hit games like PUBG or Fortnite, Cyber ​​Hunter Lite has similar gameplay. However, the gameplay of this game will have a lot of different features compared to those two famous games, because it was dubbed a next-generation, competitive sandbox mobile game. Although optimised for smartphones, the versatility of this game will definitely make you feel surprised. And it can be said that even Fortnite for PC is not as exciting as this game. The rules of this game are still the same that you will be taken to an exclusive island, where there are many weapons scattered around, and you will need to fight hard to be the last survivor.

Explore and fight in a sandbox world

The game still has several game modes to choose from, including single-player, dual, and squad. The difference of this game is that you can interact a lot with the environment in this game. That’s right, unlike PUBG, where you can only move, swim, and shoot, in this game, you can do more than that.

Vivid characters with verisimilar faces

It can be said that this game learns a lot of features and flexible movement of characters in Fortnite, such as the ability to fly, fictional weapons, and beautiful graphics. However, instead of stereotyping boring, this game allows you to experience parkour in many different terrains, you can even climb in any architecture. And you should also remember that when you have such exciting experiences, it means that your teammates and even opponents can do so. At this point, the difficulty of each game will increase a lot because you will need to have an effective combat strategy. Not only that, to win this game, you will also need to master the character control and learn how to fight while using some other skills, such as parkour or flying. In short, I assure you that you can not find a game with the same attractive gameplay for this smartphone for the moment.


Cyber ​​Hunter Lite not only has unique gameplay, but it also gives players a lot of attractive features.

The first feature that I can’t help but mention is the weapon system in this game. As I mentioned, you will be able to discover a lot of different weapons in this game. Each weapon will have its own unique abilities and effects when it hits an opponent. If you know how to take advantage of different weapons in the battle, your chances of winning will certainly be higher than other competitors.

Besides, this game also provides you with many interesting and large maps. If compared with popular games like PUBG and Fortnite, this game will definitely not be inferior in this feature. A large map combined with eye-catching and vivid graphics, I’m sure you will not regret taking the time to play this game. Of course, Cyber ​​Hunter Lite has a lot of other features that I haven’t mentioned. If you are interested in it, wait for its release date and download it to your phone immediately to experience it.


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