Game Cytus 2

Game Cytus 2
Publisher Rayark International Limited
Genre Simulation
Size 2GB
Latest Version 3.4.5
MOD Info Unlocked All
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Update September 18, 2020 (6 months ago)

Entertainment needs are indispensable for each person, and it has become a vital part, especially in today’s society. People are facing more and more pressures than that, so there needs to be away for a person to release those stresses. Among the dozens of ways that were invented for entertainment, there are several popular ones, for example, listening to music and playing games on smartphones. But there is a way that players can both play games while listening to music at the same time is to play music games.

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The music-themed game genre is not a strange thing; there have been so many released in the past. Among them, there is a critically acclaimed game Cytus produced by Rayark International Limited that was a global craze. After many years, finally, the second part of the game was released as Cytus II for players to experience. In this part, many specialties and the familiar that players have witnessed in part one of the game. The game succeeded in following the success of the first installment and became a popular name among many players.

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The unique “Active Judgement Line” rhythm game playstyle

The setting of the game takes place in the future, where a human is no longer a human, but only a dry soul. Here, the real world and the virtual world are combined, and the human soul has been turned into data streams on the internet. Humans will now live in a world of the internet, and this doesn’t seem to be the world people dream of. In this world, there is only one tool to save people that is music, which is used as a source of water to rinse people’s arid soul.

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There is a legendary DJ who made a lot of songs and used them to save humanity. That person’s name is Æsir, but no one has ever seen his real face before. So for the first time in his life, Æsir decided to hold a gigantic concert and appear in public. But before the show started, Æsir went missing, and no one knew where and why he was arrested. Players will play the role of a DJ to find out about the mystery surrounding this incident and continue Æsir to rescue humans. That is the plot of the game, but the player does not need to relate to it but can still play the game normally.

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Many DJs with many different songs

In this game, there is not only one DJ for players to choose from, but there are many others for players to use. In other music games, the songs will often be included in the same playlist for players to choose from. But for this game, things are not like that, but they will be divided into many different playlists belonging to other DJs. Each DJ will have a list of different songs for players to choose from and play. The first thing that players need to do is unlock those DJs to listen to their music. Up to now, more than 50 songs included in the game for players to listen to and experience them.

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Quick reflexes

If the player wants to finish this game well, the player’s reflexes and the ability to feel the music is indispensable. The higher the score, the speed of the track will increase, and it will be more difficult for players to complete the game. Players need to get used to the game and gradually improve their abilities to achieve high scores. The game is still designed in the style of touch and swipe, so it is not too difficult for players to get used to the game. All that players need to do is touch and swipe on the screen, but it will require more than that to get a high score.

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Diversity of maps

If players have experienced similar games, surely they already know that those games only have one or a few toy maps. But for this game, the number of toy maps has reached 150 different stages for players to experience for themselves. Although there are only over 50 songs, with many such stages, players will have a lot of combinations with different experiences. This will bring new and unique experiences continuously for players to enjoy.


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