Game Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice

Game Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice
Genre Simulation
Size 142M
Latest Version 2.0.8
MOD Info Unlimited Gold/Diamonds
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OS Android Games

Have you ever decided on the end of a story? If yes, you would have spent a lot of fun and exciting times inside this story. You will spend a lot of time exploring it and making your own decisions about how the story progresses. But the one thing anyone will need to admit is that some endings will depend on your actions. You won’t know anything’s going to happen, so this gives players a boost. If you are a storytelling game lover, Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice is the right choice for you.


In the world of Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice, players will enter a post-apocalyptic world, but they will not know what has happened to this world. In it, some things cause infections, so people find safer places to shelter. It can be seen as a secure and isolated area from what is happening, and humans continue to exist.

Our main character is Zoey; she is found in a snowy situation amid a world full of dangers. It is also the game’s opening that you can see, and you should not ignore it. Living infected or dying like a human are the phrases of this young girl. When being found under cold and snowfall, her mind gradually blurred. But that was not the end for this young girl at all.

In austere weather, you will surely be impressed with four handsome boys, Damon, Mathew, Antoine, and Ben appeared in front of her. Thanks to them, she was saved and traveled with them to the habitable zone, the Safe Zone. So when coming to this area, there will be many things happening and activities that the protagonist has to do. Everything is just beginning.


Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice gives players a simple way to play and completely free. They can do whatever they want to explore this game. The game revolves around the stories taking place in Safe Zone that players will gradually explore. Therefore, dialogue always plays an essential role in storytelling games to help the player understand the plot of the story.

Simultaneously, with the freedom that the player gives, this game will not have a single ending. The appearance of these endings depends on a variety of factors, and mostly the player’s actions. If you get nervous because the story goes negative, you should focus on enjoying the level. The game has many exciting activities that the player cannot ignore, but it is challenging to know which end everything leads to. Therefore, experience is still the more important factor.

For games with such multiple endings, players will spend a lot of time being able to experience as much as possible. Specifically, they will choose many other factors compared to previous games to know what is hidden in the game. That also brings some exciting and unforgettable times to those who love the beautiful characters in the game. They want to immerse themselves in this world for as long as possible.


Once Zoey is brought back to the Safe Zone, she will continue with her life, and the limit is 180 days. It is an excellent time for her to assert her worth. Simultaneously, the jobs in which are often very diverse and rich in activities that players can choose from. Once done well, you will get specific resources, and you need to spend them reasonably for various reasons.

It is a survival game, and every step has a specific influence. Specifically, our character will also have a certain amount of fitness-related stats. Therefore, you will not be able to make money doing endless activities. Everything has limits, and you have to take care of your character. To ensure your progress, users can purchase devices that supplement their stats in the shop and need to think about what activities you can perform daily.


Also, our main character is a girl with a lovely look and has a default outfit. So, during the game, you can change her costume according to your own needs. Indeed anyone will have their favorite outfit or outfit when trying out many different things. Therefore, they will be motivated to find a way to achieve these costumes. Nothing could be happier than seeing your character become more and more beautiful.


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