Game Darkfire Heroes

Game Darkfire Heroes
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre RPG, Strategy
Size 180M
Latest Version 1.18.3
MOD Info Unlimited Mana
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Strategy games have always been something of an appeal to players. Many games have been released, and many games have been successful because of what it brings. But as players’ needs are changing, they want to try something more interesting, something more unique and interesting than usual to enjoy something new. If you want to experience the new series of strategy games, the game Darkfire Heroes is the game you should try. The game is built in a tactical style combined with card elements to bring new experiences to players. This game is a perfect choice for adventure and entertainment.


In a remote land with a powerful and prosperous kingdom, this is the destination for many people wishing to live. But all is in the past; everything has changed since that fateful day, and all have disappeared. Because the kingdom was so prosperous, it attracted the attention of the monsters, and they began to attack the castle to take the kingdom. The warriors fought stubbornly, but with the strength of an ordinary person, they couldn’t stop the army of monsters, and so they lost. After that battle, the king sensed the danger was very close and ready to attack at any time; they needed heroes to rescue. That is when the player appears alongside the heroes to save this kingdom. Players will become the leader of this war and are ready to attack the monsters. The player is the hero who will bring peace to this kingdom, and the people can continue to live together here.


Simple but tactical combat

In other games, the player needs to do many things to be able to fight and become a hero. For example, you have to control the character by yourself to fight, use skills, do quests, and many other things. But in this game, things are a lot simpler when the player needs to choose the cards to start fighting. The warriors in the game will be implemented in cards, and players only need to choose up to five warriors to battle. Although it is the simplest and easiest step to take, it is also the most difficult thing.


The problem that makes this stage so difficult is that the player needs to decide what will be played to get the most out of it. When choosing the game, the game will display the overall strength of the team for players to refer to. But this doesn’t say everything; this strength is summed up from the individual, not showing the practical ability when fighting with teammates. Because fighting would lead to the loss of HP, healing mages would be needed to continue fighting. But this mage, although not very strong in combat, can support his teammates very well to win. So before choosing the warriors to go to battle, you should consider carefully to get the best effect, not just look at the power that the game offers.


Look for powerful cards

In the game, there are many cards, and they are divided into many functions for use in different situations. The types of warriors that the game offers are knights, sorcerers, archers, clerics, wizards, assassins, and many more for the player to use. Each warrior has a particular ability, and in combat will bring different benefits. Each character has another skill to use, such as clerics will have the ability to heal warriors who have run out of HP, or archers can attack at long range. Besides, the cards are classified according to their strength, and they are used by color for classification. Green, blue, and purple, in turn, are the three primary colors; the higher the rating, the harder it is to find. Not only the warrior cards but also magic cards with elemental spells for battle. Examples are spells about plants, fire, water, and more, and they also use color to rate its rarity.


Use skill wisely

Each skill needs a particular MP to activate it, and MP will increase over time as the player fights. So players need to use skills appropriately because if used at the right time, the whole outcome of the game can be changed.


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