Game Dawn of Zombies

Game Dawn of Zombies
Publisher Royal Ark
Genre Simulation
Size 820M
Latest Version 2.85
MOD Info Free Craft/Menu Mod
Get it On Google Play
Update March 6, 2021 (1 week ago)

Dawn of Zombies (D.O.Z), although a new product has just been launched on Google Play, it has quickly caught many people ‘s attention. The first thing that makes people enjoy is that a lot of new content with high creativity applied to the Zombie theme is quite old. “Royal Ark” – is the content creation team and is on the rise when it has created a very successful product at the present time. Although it has only achieved 500,000 downloads on Google Play, in the future, it will quickly reach other achievements. The content that this publisher publishes on Google Play has and will continue to change to create new for players.

Dawn of Zombies makes a simulation game with the familiar post-apocalypse theme. Players will have to survive in a world that has gone through a horrific apocalypse for everything to be destroyed. And who still survives, who lived through Conflagration, will have to confront the most devastating disasters described in many ancient writings. Clearly, we will see first that we must fight hunger, aberrations, fanatical mutants and zombies, diseases and radiation. But do you know what is the biggest rival of human beings? Yes, of course, other survivors.

The unique gameplay with intense backstory

The apocalyptic place is also the time when players face the toughest challenges. You play as a man named Strider — the stalker of the wastelands. As with the last survivors on this planet, you will have to find a place that can provide the minimum living conditions. There is a place called the Last Territories, which is a fortunate place to survive the disaster and also the last place for people to gather. However, it is not a paradise filled with the last love on earth. On the contrary, this could be said to be the most terrible place where intelligent living things exist. The people here have to fight for their own lives so they will do everything they can to compete for supplies, food, and medicine. Humans here are even more ferocious than monsters when they can kill the enemy with a tin can, or even an old shoe can become a weapon. But here comes the last clue of the only trusted friend. You have forgotten everything, just remember that person and he leaves the last trace in this very city. If you want to survive and regain your memories, you have to overcome the difficult challenges that jealousy constantly poses.

Completely new updates allow players to refresh the feeling of the survival game

In the new feature update, it will be divided into two main parts. The first is that it will mention quite a lot of new modes for players to enjoy. They will be a place for you to meet the players in the game and compete with them to improve your level. The first will be the Multiplayer Survival game mode, where players will be able to meet many different players around the world invited to join in and in a match. Players can use this mode to set up a separate room to invite their friends. Highly competitive games with fun will surely bring hours of real entertainment. In addition, free-for-all PvP will also create unlimited competition when all the resources and resources are provided in a freeway so you can maximize your chances of fighting his win.

The clan system will draw players into real battles when it requires you. So upgrade your base and join forces with other players to participate in large-scale epic battles. In addition, you can also participate in MMO raids on bosses to search for huge rewards when winning them. But there will also be some obstacles when players have to scramble for falling items with other players. Actually, it describes exactly how a survival game works, right. A softer task is that you can hunt the walking dead. Finally, Co-op PvE quests allow players to freely search for rewards alone. This will greatly increase the risk of being destroyed but also allows players to search for valuable items.

After stressful fighting hours, players will need a position to exchange information and communicate with their friends. Big settlements will be added in “Dawn of Zombies” as a familiar stopover location. Wherever you go, you can look for such a place for resting moments and recharge for the next battle. “Dawn of Zombies” has the presence of NPC allies and pets, including a dog and robotic dog. They will be a pretty mischievous element to make the game a little more fun and friendly. The tough battles when you have to confront humans are too much already, so cute pets are really a cool stream of water that makes everything soothing.

The main features of the game revolve around the War of Survival

Your battle is not simply a weapon and destroys everything you see. It also includes having to survive, so a base is perfectly reasonable. Players will have to try to build a lot of buildings and craft on the ground and underground. They will always be the safest place for you to rest and create new powers. The energy for each of your turns will be restored quickly when you provide food for the character and at the Shelter.

This story will take you to many different locations with an extremely diverse and rich character system that makes players have to learn a lot. You want to find someone who can help you recover your memory, you will have to investigate through various clues. According to a certain story, players will have to perform a lot of tasks. Besides, she will have to contact many different classes and people in this land. Try to exchange what you have extra to get what is needed for the game. Talk to and talk to scientists or sometimes liaise with the military.


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