Game Dead Ahead: Zombie Warface

Game Dead Ahead: Zombie Warface
Publisher Mobirate
Genre Strategy, Survival
Size 82MB
Latest Version 3.0.5
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update December 9, 2020 (3 months ago)

Mentioning to Zombie games, an expert gamer often envisions matches with an army of Zombie. They always try to get close, waiting for players to loosen up and then grabbed and took the lives of players. Yes, the Zombie game genre is extraordinarily intense and will never be outdated in the eyes of gamers. And one of the Zombie games we evaluate that you should not ignore will be introduced in this article – Dead Ahead: Zombie Warface. As a phenomenon emerging in the mobile gaming community, Dead Ahead: Zombie Warface has imprinted in the memory of more than 5 million players on Google Play with fighting style with extremely new graphics. Compared to the predecessor version that the publisher Mobirate produced for ages 7+, the Zombie Warface has made significant strides in the gameplay, making this game only for players who are over 16 years old.

Don’t lose your brains

So compared to the first Dead Ahead, how has Zombie Warface made progress? Unlike the previous version, this game will no longer follow the style of driving and shooting and acting cool again. Now, the fighting style has completely different when gamers have to use the thinking, tactics in the game to be able to repel the zombies. This time, players will no longer have to flee. On the other hand, Mobirate game company places you in a newer purpose that is to protect your bus. At the same time, you must use the characters to break the road barrier in parallel with destroying zombies.

Tactical + Survival = Dead Ahead!

The new tactical point in this game is that you have to control an army to create a battle formation of your own way, instead of just controlling one or two characters sitting on the same vehicle as before. In addition, the difficulty of the game will increase significantly because every time a soldier on your side lies down, that means a new zombie will be called up. Besides, the game also possesses many more diverse features, including upgrading the existing soldiers’ category and unlocking many other more unique types of warriors. In addition, strengthening defenses on the bus, unlocking additional abilities, … is also extremely necessary. In the game, soldiers are divided into three categories: melee, gunner, and snipers. In particular, melee units will be divided into two more types; one is the easiest to call for by short attack time, the other one is equipped with bulletproof vests with average health and able to stay in the battle for a long time. Gunner is a soldier equipped with pistols, light machine guns, especially Shotgun soldiers capable of attacking a large number of enemies at close range with high damage.

Other Features

The remaining warriors are snipers, their preparation time is a bit long, and their movement speed is slow, but in return, this is a soldier who can cause remarkable damage at a distance. If you know how to use these three types of soldiers smoothly, your chances of winning will be higher. In terms of fighting: basically, Zombie Warface has a way of playing almost similar to the genre of gamers who were fascinated for a while. In the game, there will be an indicator called “Courage,” this indicator is like an energy bar that will fill up over time, the champion to attack. As long as your team suppresses the Zombie herd, and breaks down the barrier, the player can cross the level. Otherwise, when the Bus runs out of blood, the game ends because our troops have to withdraw.

In addition, not only diverse types of soldiers, but the game is also famous for the diversity in the Zombie category. The more about the following chapters, gamers will realize the difficulty of the game is shown through all kinds of stronger Zombie. To destroy these zombies, players must also upgrade and unlock many new characters with more significant potential. It can be said, Dead Ahead: Zombie Warface has impressive gameplay and extremely easy to get used to. Just a little time to get acquainted, you can try this game already. Due to the fact, the control functions are only on six boxes on the screen; the rest is just waiting for the animation to happen.


As mentioned in the introduction, Dead Ahead: Zombie Warface has a unique graphic background. With the 8-bit animation style that has appeared on the games Contra, Rambo, … the game has attracted players with zombies that look cute and bring few creepy scenes. Zombie Warface has its very own substance, though not too detailed in gore scenes like the current FPS games, “Mobirate” still retains its character of a horror action game through chaotic and metamorphic scenery. To be honest, with this graphics, the game even reaches many players in a nostalgic way about a type of game that was once famous on old gaming machines.


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