Game Dead By Daylight Mobile

Game Dead By Daylight Mobile
Publisher Behaviour Digital Inc.
Genre RPG
Size 2.1GB
Latest Version 4.4.0022
Get it On Google Play
Update February 23, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

“Don’t run too fast.”

“I don’t do anything where you are?”

Have you ever believed such blatant lies? Being in Dead by Daylight trusting such words, surely you will not live to go home. In that case, you’ll have to run right away, run as fast as you can at least, or at least find yourself a safe haven. The killers are always around and trying to kill you, not as gently and sweetly as they say.

Dead By Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight is a hugely successful game product, released from 2016 by Starbreeze Studios. It has received a lot of success and popularity and has created a wave of horror gaming in the gaming community around the world. Until 2018, Behavior Interactive Inc. was responsible for everything from development to release. Since that time until now, they have decided to release a version to suit their tastes that is playable on smartphones. We have a full file in hand, and you can download the date below. But notice that because this is really a horror game, it requires players to be 17 years or older. The scenes in the game are horrible if you can stand it, just play it.

Dead By Daylight Mobile

High-end graphics, really bringing oppressive feelings

As warned above, this is a new-style horror game; its details are incredibly diverse and will definitely make players surprised with the situations, they get into. The success of it really comes from the manufacturer has adapted excellent graphics. Unreal Engine 4 technology makes one of the trusted names to entrust the task to become the core element of the game. The dark image of the mysterious land with the Entity’s protection has become one of the most horrible places in the world. The murderers are described most monstrously, and they are like monsters in legends. And the goal of killing is just to sacrifice the god they believe in. The jumpscare screen takes place regularly and unexpectedly in a dark space will certainly make players panic sometimes.

Dead By Daylight Mobile

The suspense sound also serves as one of the factors that make the game so successful. In addition to the soundtrack written specifically for it, you will also see the interaction between the player and the environment as well as the characters. They are wrestling together whenever an event occurs. When a murderer is near you, there will be a heartbeat, and their footsteps echo in the ear. As the enemy approaches, you will hear the sound of the music becoming more and more intense, and all of them are increased in intensity.

Dead By Daylight Mobile

How to play is a combination of many elements

Regarding the gameplay of the game, everything generally revolves around running and arresting. However, it will have a lot of extra factors to make the game become more attractive. During the escape process, of course, you will have four teammates if you play on the position of Survivors. In fact, this game needs a lot of support from your team can escape. So the fact that they live as well as you live is essential, the better the team exits. There is an advanced technique where you can see your partner’s Aura and find a way to help them if they are a bit uneasy during the game. However, this may be the perfect time for the killers to snare out and capture them. Never be too careless.

In general, when the killers appear, there will be sounds. In addition, on the top of the killer, there is a red light called red stain so that players know what they are facing. You will see where they are heading towards you. However, don’t look down because your enemies move very fast, and they have tools to make you surprise.

Dead By Daylight Mobile

Another factor influencing gameplay is Perks. There are some rules like this when you want to control that power. Each person will start with three perks but has been unavailable; you will have to activate first, which one has already been taken by you, you can no longer use it. Unlocking and upgrading in Bloodweb using Bloodpoints is limited to making it easier for players to fall into the trap. However, there are some limitations that make each Bloodweb contain only two perks. They can help you speed up your escape, self-heal without the first aid kit, destroy meat hooks without the toolbox. There are also some so-called ‘universal’ perks that are some things that you can share with your teammates. Finally, the enemy has perks.


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