Game Dead Zed

Game Dead Zed
Publisher Not Doppler
Genre Action
Size 208M
Latest Version 1.3.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update November 25, 2020 (4 months ago)

“Hey, the zombie apocalypse is coming, will you choose to survive or to lie down by the pursuit of zombies?”

This is a simple question but extremely attractive by the smell of “death” along with stressful moments to regain a life for themselves from the “hungry” zombies. The concept of “Zombie” was first recorded in Brazil in 1819 by poet Robert Southey only hungry zombies, always wandering to torment the living. More frightening, they are immortal creatures with the sole purpose of destroying humans and only when destroyed, that goal will actually stop. Because of the horror factor that zombies bring, the directors and the game manufacturers have taken that as inspiration to produce movies, blockbuster titles that have earned many hours. echoes and imprints left in the hearts of viewers, especially those who love the thrilling and suffocating elements of the struggle for survival.

Dead Zed (MOD, Unlimited Money)

The dead are coming back to life

Currently, the title of the zombie has not only never been “hot” but also increasingly stronger for those who love the fierce survival game genre, the point is that the game Dead Zed was created by the game developer Not Doppler. At DZ, your only task may sound simple but extremely difficult, you will have to survive by using the maximum power of the guns you have to clear the entire zombie fleet. Immortals are coming. By exploiting the elements of continuous action and suffocation that Not Doppler has recorded great achievements in his game production career, the titles “Crash of cars” and “Earn to die” are 2 games Typical play that one cannot ignore.

Dead Zed (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Choose wisely!

Back to Dead Zed, what made us so fascinated? First, we can see the game impressed by the classic 3D graphics, bringing us to the game screen with high fidelity that simulates the battlefield when human civilization is stopped. The no-human zombies approach you quickly and seem to be unabated. Through each level, you will always be put into difficult challenges when every second passes, every bullet you miss will endanger not only the base where you protect but also the danger to survival. of yourself. By unlocking new guns, players will have more options, which means you will have to be wiser in how to choose firepower appropriately and just enough to destroy the number of zombies in progress. come close. Ammunition doesn’t always have plenty, so the warriors must hone their shooting skills as quickly as possible to survive the dark days. Motion effect in reloading is also a plus point with Dead Zed.

Dead Zed (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Unlock and upgrade a range of weapons

For a game that does not require too much movement, it seems that the game publisher Not Doppler knows how to elaborate for his biological child the true movements in how to change bullets as well as aiming. The sound of guns in the game is also a detail that is not noticed by Not Doppler and gives it a good authenticity when each bullet is released from the gun. Besides, the movements of zombies have been evaluated by us and many players as not inferior to any zombie game. However, there are still not many reviews when the level of visual detail of zombies has not been taken care of by Not Doppler game company, so Doppler has not won the satisfaction from fastidious players.

Dead Zed (MOD, Unlimited Money)

As we have mentioned, Dead Zed is a game that does not need to move much, so in the game, the player can only standstill at the same time using three basic control buttons (aim, shoot, reload) and move the crosshair to kill zombies. Another plus is the abundance of weapons that you can unlock. There are plenty of guns to choose from including pistols, machine guns, crossbows, snipers and more through the updates that Not Doppler brings. However, you can only carry 2 weapons with each battle. The smart choice will help you survive over time. Not only is the abundance of weapons available, but “Dead Zed” also gives you new experiences when you have to constantly go to new places on the map. Zombies are everywhere, you won’t be able to stay in one place, complete each level to find the safest place to start from a peaceful suburb for a while, then move to exotic farms, abandoned cities and industrial parks and more. Surviving every wave of zombies is not easy, protecting your base to not be invaded by zombies. Are you strong and smart enough to survive those dark days? Download “Dead Zed” to experience the life of a survivor in the apocalypse today.


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