Game Delicious – Emily’s Road Trip
Publisher GameHouse
Genre Simulation
Size 100MB
Latest Version 1.0.15
MOD Info All Unlocked
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Update June 16, 2019 (2 years ago)

Similar to MyCity, GameHouse has its own I created a game ecosystem in which many products are related to the story and gameplay. However, they are still separate games, not too closely associated with their brothers. This allows players to experience a single part without affecting their emotions easily. You can still fully enjoy your feelings for a certain part of the game. Delicious – Emily’s Road Trip is also a part of GameHouse Universe, where our main character will embark on an unprecedented journey.

Time management Cooking game

The story happened when summer was approaching, but Emily’s plans had collapsed. Family members are also experiencing difficulties that cannot be solved. Emily’s husband, Patrick, is having trouble in his flower business. Finally, Emily made a decision that could be said to change an awkward situation; Players will start to ride the summer car and experience these memories to the fullest. Success is not on the destination, but the journey you went through.

Delicious – Emily’s Road Trip simulates an Emily family trip on a summer tour of the United States. Their lives will have to go through challenges that the family has never encountered before. In particular, about Emily, you dare to become a talented chef, a gentle wife, a selfless mother, and finally a famous Vlogger. All of this will happen together, creating a simulation game that looks exactly like the lives and responsibilities of women in this modern life. But don’t think it will create much pressure for players. In contrast, Delicious – Emily’s Road Trip is a game that considers fun, appropriate for children.

In essence, Delicious – Emily’s Road Trip simulates the life of a home chef. This is the first time this woman has faced such a significant challenge in her life. Is everything okay? You will have to be busy and busy all day to prepare food for many customers who are ordering their food. Emily will move quickly from one corner of the kitchen to another to regulate everything. But do you have enough time for your children? Don’t be too absorbed in work, balance everything, take the time to play with the kids, and chat with Patrick.

The game will be offered to players up to 60 levels on the way you travel through A Route 66 road trip. You will come across many different lands and serve many customers with varying styles of dining. Each stage you pass will drop a lot of diamonds, depending on your level of effort. Besides, you also have a camp of your own so that when you stop, you can have fun and rest. With the responsibility of a pure woman, Emily must decorate it so that everyone feels as comfortable as possible. Make every family member feel that he or she is at home.