Game Delight Games (Premium Library)

Game Delight Games (Premium Library)
Publisher Delight Games
Genre Role Playing, Simulation
Size 21M
Latest Version 17.5
MOD Info Unlimited Coins and More (Read Bellow)
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Update March 5, 2021 (1 week ago)

Choice-based games are perfect for novel enthusiasts who want to change their plot or immerse themselves in their fantasy worlds. Moreover, those games’ creativity is almost endless, constantly transforming or bringing players new situations, enriching the player’s experience to a new level. If you are an enthusiast of that genre, then Delight Games Premium will be the choice for you. It’s not a game, but a huge library of various content, making its gameplay endless. The application currently has more than 70 different stories, diverse backgrounds, and countless stories for players to explore with all their own choices.



Delight Games is a huge collection of more than 70 different stories for players to explore and enjoy. The fascinating thing is that each story is built in a choice-based style, so their durations are long, creating a multitude of different scenarios for players to explore. When the player becomes a premium member of the app, they will receive many special benefits, improving their own experience with everything. Furthermore, all of the application content is text-driven. Therefore, the visual element has many limitations but can strongly stimulate the player’s imagination with the given details. Therefore, novel enthusiasts are widely loved when it is convenient, endless, compact, and worth exploring.



If you think all the stories are bland and ordinary, that’s a mistake. Each story uses a different context and comes with many metrics influenced by the player’s decisions. That brings life and richness to each story, and their feel is completely different, and even their gameplay is more vibrant than other games. The player himself is at the center of everything, such as the event, the situation, and the overall storyline. That makes players more serious in making choices when each situation is beneficial or harmful, depending on their way of thinking.



Each story uses a completely different setting, such as post-apocalypse, medieval, fantasy, and dark fantasy, for players to explore. Therefore, each world has its own separate systems, and they are displayed on the screen so that the player knows their progress in each story. Before each situation or scenario, players are given more than 2 or 3 options. Each of them has a mysterious outcome, creating invisible pressure for the player before each different decision and situation. Furthermore, each story has two different objectives for players to achieve, either positive or negative, depending on how players want to develop the world and many other factors.



Delight Games’ interface can be comfortably personalized and customized and allows users to interact with various elements, like fonts, interactions, and more. Through the customization of the interface, players will have more experience with each story. Even players will have the option to allow the interface to adapt to each story automatically. Depending on the situation or the way the world develops, the interface will change significantly, compatible with the player’s feelings and experiences to make things more immersive. Not only that, but many elements or interactions can be improved, making the game prominently and enjoyable.



Delight Games is a choice-based game so that visual elements will have many limitations, but enough for players to imagine the situation they are facing. What’s more impressive is its flawless sound system and constantly changing based on a player’s situation or perfection, stimulating their feeling and experience to a new level. Not only that, but all of the visuals in the game are transcendent, and they can be unlocked in the gallery, accompanied by quotes for players to collect in each story. The game’s main purpose is to make the player more creative and have a greater imagination and immerse them in easy poses thanks to the visuals available.



As mentioned, each world has a unique structure for the player to develop, and the systems will be responsive to the player’s actions. The stats will affect the fate and many other factors in the journey, and at the same time, bring players many good or bad results depending on each person’s wishes. The player himself can change those stats, but everything is completely random and blindly, creating emotional chaos in the player and confusing them in any situation. Thus, the world’s development will become richer and more creative in many different directions depending on the story that the player chooses.


Delight Games is a huge library with loads of different stories to entertain players, and all the gameplay can last hundreds of hours, a number worth considering. The gameplay of the game is innovative and in-depth, even dependent on the player’s interaction before all the different situations. If you want to experience a choice-based game with impressive stories, then Delight Games will be a world you must immerse yourself in.


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