Game Deus Ex GO

Game Deus Ex GO
Publisher SQUARE ENIX Ltd
Genre Puzzle
Size 23M
Latest Version 2.1.111374
MOD Info Unlimited Hints
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Update May 7, 2020 (10 months ago)

Besides the top-rated ARPG titles, there are also a lot of games of other genres that are equally famous compared to them. These games may not have explosive scenes, and even eye-catching action scenes but still attract a lot of players. The category that can be made is the puzzle, which is one of the most popular and chosen genres to play. Because the player does not need to think about how to defeat this boss or how to complete the game, but when the player comes to the puzzle, the player will have to think of a different way to be able to complete the game. One of the games that combine both action and puzzle elements for players to experience is Deus Ex GO – produced by SQUARE ENIX. This game is the follow-up game of the bomb Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for players to experience. “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” was once one of the blockbuster games worldwide, and it has received a lot of love from players. So you do not need to doubt the quality of this game to bring to the player.


Like its seniors, the player who comes to the game will play the role of agent Adam Jensen to experience the game. Adam Jensen is a talented agent with the perfect skills to serve the job. He was one of the organization’s best agents, so he was sent to blend in with the underworld. At first, he did a great job of the job he was assigned to, but then one day, he was given the job of rescuing an important person in the game. He had infiltrated the enemy’s lair to rescue this person and fortunately succeeded. But that success has also made him sink deeper into this dark world, and there is no way to escape. He was pursued by the entire underworld to kill him, and no one could save him. The only one who could be himself was himself, so he alone faced many difficult tasks to save himself. The player will come to the game to be able to help him on this dangerous road. But will that succeed? Or will he have to die before the enemy chase?

Sneaky moving style

You probably already know the famous “Hitman” game and have been made into a movie to satisfy fans. That game has a flamboyant stealth-action style for players to experience. This game is inherited the most quintessentially from his elder brother with sneaky gameplay for players to enjoy the thrill of the game. But this game is not like the previous brothers; it is combined with puzzle elements to challenge players. So if you’re a fan of the stealth-action genre but want something new, this game will be an excellent choice for you.

The intense battle

Each stage in the game will give players the feeling of playing a game of chess with a real player. But when focusing on playing chess, how will players feel? That is the tension, and players need to think a lot to be able to give a precise step as possible. Just like this game, players need to move carefully to be able to complete the game. Players will see on the map of the game is divided into many lines, and there are intersections with them. Players will control Adam Jensen moving on those lines to be able to approach and destroy the enemy. When the player approaches the enemy, the player can kill him from behind. But the best, the player should complete the game without having to attack the guard, because that will affect the player.

Don’t be caught

Players are performing hazardous missions, which can affect a player’s life, so be careful. Each stage will have from one to three guards to protect the target depending on the level of the stage. The player needs to know when the guard will not see the player in order to move. Because if a player makes only one mistake, the player will lose immediately. Players need to find a way to move to the rear of the guards to defeat them without making a sound and avoiding the eyes of others. If the player lets them see your actions, the player will be attacked and die. Then the game is over.


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