Game Devil May Cry Mobile

Game Devil May Cry Mobile
Publisher CAPCOM
Genre RPG
Size 2GB
Latest Version 0.0.50
Get it On Google Play
Update July 31, 2020 (8 months ago)

Devil May Cry – this game is one of the most popular hack ‘n slash products of all time. Until now, many players are still expecting new updates of this game through each year. A completely new update brought to the player at the present time is the mobile version. There was information about the launch of this game since 2016, however, until recently, the latest information on the new game continued to be released by Capcom itself. Yunchang Games will co-produce this game and launch the Chinese version first. If you want to play the final version, you should wait a few more months. And in case you want to play immediately, you can download right here.

A game that is said to satisfy both audiovisual

Really, the most appreciated feature in this DMC series is the eye-catching combat. The player who uses his character constantly fights with many other enemies. The skills you play don’t consume any resources at all. The only problem is whether you have enough strength to play to the end or not. During the battle, you will be allowed to show your talent. The skills that are combined with each other continuously create beautiful attacks, and are also useful.

Designers create extremely professional animations, movements, and angles. When playing games, you will feel like you are the main character of some action-horror movie. Character skills are fast, powerful, dealing massive damage. Monsters in games like this prioritize hideous looks. Moreover, they will be countless, rushing like waves for you to beat freely. The bosses are different, and they will have a great appearance and need a great effort to kill them. Speaking of sound, Devil May Cry Mobile also scored ten quality points. In addition to fighting, the player’s activities interacting with the environment produce realistic sounds. Dante’s lines with Lady Mary are also exciting and lively throughout the journey. It is both the interaction between the characters and the narrative. Players diligently following these lines will see the depth of the game’s story.

Seamless fighting style, creating fierce battles with the devil

Devil May Cry Mobile is set in the context of “somewhere” between part 3, the characters in the game will see themselves just starting to step in. The road to becoming a Demon Hunter. The challenges are just beginning, and everything has to be learned from the zero. Your partner will be the leader as well as monitor your own growth throughout the game. In some cases, she was a good helper. Dante will fight the devil from the beginning until the end of the game. However, it will follow a specific story led by tasks that are gradually revealed. The player just needs to follow the instructions and complete the game. The main purpose of the game is to fight and spend time for stimulating action. However, sometimes you also encounter puzzles that need answers. Usually, it will be the codes placed before the gates. You need to use your intelligence to solve them.


Combat style and things related to combos in the game

First, Devil May Cry Mobile will use the basic keys of the current games to apply to the game. That means the left side will be the navigation key, and the right side is the attack key. Dante is a swordsman, so the game will offer two different attack keys to indicate his two sword usage styles. Keys marked A are fast attacks with medium but continuous damage. The key with the symbol B is a strong pound of the sword, has excellent damage but creates delays. In addition, you can also use guns to deal long-range damage, good at supporting. A jump key, a dash key, combined with the right navigation stick, will correctly simulate the movement of the character.


Fighting Style is a scale of your battle progress, combos and continuity. When just dealing damage to the enemy, you will be D (dope), C (crazy), B (blast), A (all-right). As long as you make complicated combos, constantly damaging enemies, this grading scale will increase. Guns cause little damage and monotonous, so only the task of keeping Fighting Style points from falling. When you kill a monster, the orbs will fall out. Depending on their colour, you can receive HP regeneration, power buff, a bonus live, … In general, taking advantage of the maximum power from them, you will benefit greatly.

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