Game Devil Stone

Game Devil Stone
Publisher Simplist Limited
Genre RPG
Size 620MB
Latest Version 1.5.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Update November 9, 2019 (1 year ago)

Simplist Limited is a game producer from Hongkong. This is a company specializing in producing games with immersive themes for mobile devices. With a professional team of years of experience, understanding the current game market, the company has researched and is about to launch a new game, promising to bring exciting and exciting moments to gamers: Devil Stone. The product is expected to be published by the company in October. Devil Stone is a free offline adventure role-playing game. No need for wifi or 3G, anywhere, you can also experience the game without worrying about interruption because of network connection. You will be chosen to transform into a character to join the adventurous journey to find the pieces of demon stones, against the dark forces to gain the throne. With relatively simple but challenging gameplay, true-to-life graphics images and great sound, Devil Stone will definitely please the world of the gaming community. What are you waiting for, let’s explore Devil Stone right now?


Devil Stone revolves around the story of Phicus Sera, the son of the Demon King and also the 10th successor of Hell. By violating a ban of hell, Phicus Sera was punished. The Demon King had stripped all of Phicus Sera’s power and banished him to the human world. In order to regain the power and succession of the throne in hell, Phicus Sera had to collect enough pieces of demonic stones scattered throughout the continent. And then, on the way to find the pieces of demonic rocks, Phicus Sera met Eiji John Austin, the 19th generation champion and was helped by Eiji John Austin. Later, Phicus Sera joined Eiji’s team and discovered them with hell. On that challenging and challenging adventure, Phicus Sera and his comrades met many difficulties and experienced countless small and big battles. Since then, the hidden plot is gradually revealed. The adventure has brought to the members a lot of changes. Working together through bloody battles, they are stronger, more mature and understand each other better. And every time I set foot in a new location, Phicus Sera and his colleagues faced a kind of monster, requiring them to concentrate and be vigilant to win.


Devil Stone has simple and easy to understand gameplay. The player uses the left half of the screen to move the character in the direction they want. To the right of the screen will show the interactive buttons and options for the character. At the beginning of the game, you will be at level 1 and have a companion named Robby. Robby will guide and accompany you to the villages. There are evil monsters and your mission is to fight against them. After winning each battle, you will gain experience and gain level. Through each village you will receive different missions, you need to complete these missions to get to the next village.

On the way, you can also communicate with the villagers. And finally, when you go to Prussia village, you will join the arena with many enemies and try to meet Eiji to team up and find the demonic stones. You will then continue the quest to return to Hell to regain power and throne. Note that the higher the task, the more difficult and challenging levels require players to focus and manipulate quickly to complete the task.


Devil Stone is a scripted game, using 2D images, with bright colors and beautiful cartoon images. As soon as you enter the game, you will be attracted by creating extremely beautiful and delicate characters. The characters are designed young and beautiful with the investment from the smallest details such as eye color. until hairstyles and costumes. Phicus Sera with the manner of a brave warrior wearing a brave robe and fiery red eyes. Eiji John Austin has a blond hair that is romantic, surrounded by silver armor and an unparalleled sword of the champion of a champion.

In addition, female character design is also very delicate and beautiful. Sophia with her ponytail pink hair full of youthfulness and personality. “Ekaretina” was like a smartbook girl with big glasses and simple brown hair carrying a powerful stick. Graphic design not only brings an aesthetic look but also creates excitement when you play, so you are immersed in the character as well as the context. Devil Stone is compatible with both IOS and Android platforms. Lightweight graphics so most smartphones can download and experience the game.


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