Publisher Glu
Genre Action
Size 80MB
Latest Version 3.5.9
MOD Info Money/Energy/Ammo
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Update October 2, 2019 (1 year ago)

Surely you’ve once heard of natural world simulation games. Open it man becomes the ultimate hunter. Usually, I see people designing such games in the current natural context. People will use all their intelligence and weapons to chase after animals. For example, deer, tigers, bears, … But I rarely see any games that simulate the world itself. However, prehistoric times where dinosaurs are also one of the most potent predators that dominate the world. Actually, people are not a champion in the world at this time. So the correlation between the dinosaurs and humans in this period is hugely different. But if the forces facing dinosaurs are modern people with enough weapons and intelligence, then another story. Now the two greatest hunters confront each other. One side uses the power of muscles and the size that nature gives, the other side uses his intelligence as the most potent weapon. This war has no concessions. Hunt or be hunted!

Best Jurassic Dino Adventure

DINO HUNTER is a very famous simulation game of publisher Glu. With more than 50 million downloads on Google Play, it was really successful. Glu created this success thanks to the many platform products produced in the same category. They have many hunting games, simulator games, and combat shooting games. In general, if you visit their repository system, you will see tremendous diversity.

Actually, the games like that have quite the same gameplay, but the success that Glu is comes from gorgeous 3D graphics. You will see a world of prehistoric dinosaurs described as true. All samples of organisms studied and published by scientists are used skillfully and beautifully. The color of the world is full of optimism that represents the danger you are facing. The effects from weapons and gore effects will undoubtedly satisfy your desire to fight.


DINO HUNTER is not a journey back to the past that was set in the present time. It’s like the context of the Jurassic Park movie. Players will accidentally touch the island where everything pristine has not been influenced by humans. Players will be confronted with the most diverse extinct dinosaurs, from the stegosaurus to the terrifying T-Rex.

On this island, there are many different places you need to go and use your weapons to destroy dinosaurs that are endangering your life. The shipwreck-strewn coast, overgrown jungle, and dinosaur boneyard! The most typical places. And to confront those dangerous dinosaurs, players must equip themselves with the most potent weapons launcher and shuriken crossbow, rifles, shotguns, and assault rifles, … maybe always trusted. But don’t be too confident in your weapons and turn that you’ll have to upgrade it regularly to match your battle situation. More and more, the dinosaurs are faster, more difficult to kill and cause fatal damage. A good strategy also greatly influenced the outcome of this adventure.

MOD Info?

• XP Hack/Instant Level Up (go to “Settings” -> “About” and you’ll gain XP and immediately Level Up)
• Unlimited Energy (go to “Settings” -> “About”. After leveling up, your energy will restore)
• Unlimited Glu Credits (earn 5000 Glu coins each time you level up)
• Unlimited Hunter Bucks (they increase instead of decreasing)
• Unlimited Ammo
• No Reload

Notes: The XP Hack is experimental. Using it might crash the app, but when you’ll reopen it you’ll still have the hack saved into your account, don’t worry. No ban chance so far.