Game Disgaea 1 Complete
Publisher 株式会社日本一ソフトウェア
Genre Simulation
Size 1.2G
Latest Version 1.0.1
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Update February 27, 2020 (1 year ago)

King Krichevskoy, the ruler of the Netherworld is dead. This Kingdom has no one to rule, so it has become a ruined place. The Devil has taken control of this king, turning the country into the darkest and most horrible place humans scared of. You will play the role of Prince Laharl with his friends on an adventure to regain strength to take his father’s kingdom from the enemy’s hands.

Disgaea 1 Complete is an extremely popular brand that was released on Nintendo game consoles. If the player has experienced adventures in the dark land of Netherworld, shown on the console; This time, with the new version all, released on Android, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of it.

The system of characters is both familiar and newly designed to suit the tastes of the player at the present time

Three familiar characters from the original Disgaea will all return and be much sharper than before. Laharl, Etna, and Flonne go on an adventure together to test the strength of the prince and his kingdom. All skills that make up the fame of the character are retained. However, the creative team adds a lot of new and complex custom skills. It will make the new entrants into this game feel attractive and those who have experienced it before will feel new.

Each character will have a lot of different indicators For example, HP, SP, ATK, DEF, … After each challenge, you will use the points you get to add to these bars. Depending on the fighting style, you can customize and increase the stats accordingly. Characters also have their own characteristics, so increase their strength wisely.

The new mechanics are only applied on smartphone systems, not on the console

Auto-battle allowing players to freely play games without affecting any personal jobs. For example, before, you would have to control their characters and their attacks manually, now just give them the tools and they will fight on the screen easily. You can rest assured your characters automatically fight and receive rewards. However, if you encounter opponents who are too difficult, using the skill automatically and unconsciously will be difficult to lead to success. Because this is actually an SRPG game, the tactical element also plays a huge role in the process of becoming strong of the character.

If you wait for your characters to fight for too long, you can use Battle Speed ​​Boost mode. It will make the progress of the battle faster. However, that also means that you have to manipulate faster to keep up the progress of the battle. A complex moment where you don’t make the most of your skills can lead to a loss.

Cheat Shop is back !!! This is one of the most desirable features of this game when it is remastered on the Android system. Players will be allowed to increase the amount of EXP and HL you receive post-battle, enemy strength, auto-heal, … This utility increases your fighting ability and offers a lot of tactical options help players easily select.