Publisher Very Positive
Genre Adventure
Size 100MB
Latest Version 2.0
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Update October 6, 2019 (1 year ago)

Jesse Makkonen is known as an independent game producer in Finland, famous for its Distraint game from 2015. The theme of Horror and Psychology not only contributes to the cinema, but is produced by studios as films, but also vividly portrayed by Jesse Makkonen in his Distraint game. After a period of release, Distraint received a lot of support from the players. Therefore, post-production Distraint 2 was released not long after. Distraint 2 has something interesting, and different from Distraint, right? If you’re curious, let me find out its contents right away!


Distraint2 serializes the story of the leading character Price. In the previous section, Price joined a rent collection company named McDade, Bruton & Moore. He sold his humanity cheaply and performed evil missions, using force to torment debtors, causing them to be tortured both mentally and physically. One time Price was tasked with securing an old man, who had borrowed a lot of money from his company to pay the debt to his drug-addicted child, Price realized the true value of the so-called multiplication count and that made him feel frustrated about the actions he had made during the past. Price is trying to rid itself of its guilt feelings in the past. Will you help him?

A 2D psychological horror adventure game

Distraint 2 does not have many changes in gameplay. In this version, the player will continue to portray the Price guy and perform a variety of tasks that the system requires. During the journey, players will move to many locations to collect items and answer the mystery that the game offers. Distraint 2 goes into the interior of Price. Players will have to analyze them through Price’s words, conversations, and the objects he collects, from which to solve puzzles. At the bottom of the screen is the console system to navigate moves and attacks. The place provides intuitive controls, and you just need to touch them to move the character to the left, right and collect the necessary items. Distraint 2 is designed on a 2D platform, making it easy for players to access both gameplay and puzzle mechanisms.

Pixel 2D graphics

Distraint 2 received a lot of compliments from gamers in terms of graphics. The game is mainly 2D illustrations, hand-drawn, and classic cartoon style design. Although Distraint 2 does not apply much technology to its graphics platform, it has a unique classical art style, evoking the mystery in every scene of the game. Besides, Distraint 2 also has a lot of interesting songs and continually changes as the characters go to different places and circumstances. If you are looking for a psycho-horror game, Distraint 2 is worth your experience at least once. The game’s size is quite light and does not require a network connection; you can download and accompany Price in the journey to escape the haunting sins he once caused.