Game Distrust

Game Distrust
Publisher CMGE Group Limited
Genre Survival
Size 514.7 MB
Latest Version Coming soon
Update February 24, 2019 (2 years ago)

Today’s survival game is too familiar with players on every platform. There are thousands of games in operation and will be released in the fiercely competitive market. A new game will have some interesting points that other games can’t meet. These new exploits will most likely lie in a novel, deep storyline, making players curious. They will reflect on and not guess how things are going, and continue playing until the results are available.

Distrust is also a zombie game with the same structure as the brothers of the same genre when giving players a familiar way of operating survival games. Besides, the adventure element is also enhanced when players will have to overcome many difficulties to find the final answer to all the hidden things.


In the game, a story will be built according to the familiar model that two players will play as scientists forced to stay in harsh lands, at the Arctic base. Their journey here is quite peaceful until their helicopter has an accident and shattered. These scientists will have to find holes in the base system and escape it. But when players sleep deeply, alien monsters begin to track them to absorb life. These people began to plan against those aliens by keeping themselves awake, but in the period they started being sensory disorder due to lack of sleep time too long. To a certain extent, they couldn’t distinguish between reality and illusion. The player will have to lead these people to survive the randomly generated polar base, facing hunger, cold, sickness and aliens.

Survival in the Extreme World

This game is a combination of many attractive elements that make up an adventure game, SLG, action, … Mechanism of survival game combined with Alien Elements makes it beautiful and horror. If the player has watched classic horror movies, it will quickly realize that it has quite similar characteristics to The Thing in 1982. But that’s why people will find out which one is all. There are weaknesses. Just making good use of your advantage and exploiting the enemy’s vulnerability is a escape.

When participating in the game, players will be given up to 15 characters to choose. That is all the characters in the scientific research section come to this harsh land. Each of them possesses unique abilities that will be of great help in gameplay. What is special about this night is that a player can be allowed to choose up to two characters. It means that the combination of their extraordinary skills together will bring about miracles, unexpected and breakthrough variables in this survival battle.


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