Publisher Bethesda Softworks LLC
Genre Action
Size 300MB
Latest Version
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Update June 3, 2020 (9 months ago)

It has been 25 years since Bethesda Softworks LLC and many other publishers partnered with each other to release Doom. Actually, that time was one of the most critical moments that shaped the game market until now. Currently, considering the types of games, FPS still stands in the most important position, one of the categories is loved by players. It has never become old and outdated since the time Doom launched and helped shape everything. To celebrate 25 years of existence and success, it was revived right on Android devices through the hands of Bethesda. At the same time, the publisher will release both versions at the same time, “Doom” and “Doom II” will be available immediately on Google Play. If you want to download it quickly and easily, you can access the link below. We have a free APK file available with fully upgraded features. Part 2 of the game, in general, has created one of the most significant advances in playing an FPS game.

The Master Levels

Actually, in terms of story, this time the player has escaped the tutelage of Mars tree aliens and returned to Earth. However, things did not happen as she always expected. There is a much more dangerous danger here. After the demons can’t stop you on Mars, they begin to return to the base and plan to harm again. In this new version, players will be involved in much larger and more intricate levels. The challenges here are much more complicated than before when you face stronger demons. The mission this time is not to run away from the enemy but to rush and destroy them to save the earth. Its predecessor has an incredibly diverse arsenal, but DOOM II itself is equipped with a lot of means for you to join the fight. They are all the coolest and mighty things, so use a smart way to achieve maximum efficiency.

With the experience of fierce FPS combat, players will be taken to a somewhat standard controller interaction set. It’s not the usual MFi emulator of future handheld console games. “Doom II” emulates the original game feel right on the PC, giving players the best experience with the game. On the screen will show familiar stats like ammo, health, arms armor. In addition to the leading indicators to monitor your strength and potential in battle, there are additional indicators to report your status, such as bull, shel, rokt, cell.

One feature of games produced at this time is that it goes towards providing non-linear levels. That means everything is set on a backstory, but you can choose your direction freely. Like after you have found the exit and can go through the screen with teleporters or portals, the game cannot force this. You can go back to the places you went to get more bonuses, powerful weapons that you haven’t taken yet. With more than 30 continuous levels, divided into four areas: UAC Underground, UAC’s Starport (Hellish Outpost), City, and Hell, the game’s content is really huge.


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