Game Door Kickers

Game Door Kickers
Publisher KillHouse Games
Genre Strategy
Size 470M
Latest Version 1.1.24
MOD Info Unlimited Star/Unlocked
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Update May 13, 2020 (10 months ago)

Do you want your daily life to be full of adventure and excitement as in action movies? Become a fully armed SWAT, and be given dangerous missions such as destroying a notorious criminal drive. Have you started feeling excited about what you are going to experience? Door Kickers – an extremely addictive tactical game released by KillHouse Games will surely bring you all the surprise.

RockPaperShotgun’s best tactics game of 2014

This is not an easy game. It requires a smart tactic, a high level of judgment and case-control. You will be managing a special mission team, and your squad’s mission is to break into and quickly destroy the horde of crime fiends in their homes.

You will start at level 1, and your original team is about 3-4 members. They are equipped with heavy weapons such as sniper rifles, rifles, grenades, bombs, …; In the beginning, everything seemed rudimentary, and to upgrade their equipment, you need to help them overcome difficult and challenging tasks. There are 80 missions waiting for you to finish, and the next, the higher the difficulty level. There is a house with a slab above it that allows you to see the panorama from above. However, there are no signs of life. From the diagram and the size of the rooms in the house, as well as the location of the objects in it, you have to judge the number of people in each room and their location

Real-time with free pause

After that, you will begin to draw lines for each member of your raid team. The first is the breaker, break with any weapon; Then how to divide the direction of the agents: Who goes first, go to what position, orientation of each person how, use weapons, … All must be calculated by you. Careful and detailed. If you mistype a wrong move or misjudge the number of criminals in the room, you will most likely pay the price of injury or even death of a team member. After successfully destroying the doors and destroying all the criminals in the house without missing any rooms. You will be considered to have completed the quest and receive the star number depending on the teamwork performance.

That star is significant. Because it will help you unlock new equipment and upgrade equipment for your special mission team members. Depending on each weapon or armour, the number of stars to be consumed is different, possibly 2-5 stars. That means you have to complete as many tasks with maximum efficiency as you can equip your team with more advanced and modern equipment. Besides, higher levels will help you summon more new members. As the task becomes more and more difficult, the scope of the task is too large to accommodate only a small team. Maximum of one team is 10 people, can split raid from many directions, especially houses with two to three doors can pass outside, …

Simple graphics

The game has a 2D graphic design in the direction of quite a horror. The colour of the bass and the rooms in the house everywhere are bloody patchy scabs. The grey space represents the night, matching the game content is raiding tactics. The lines representing the direction of movement and the weapons are designed with bright colours and not overlap among the members will give you the best view when performing their duties.


If you’re looking for a game full of suspense brings excitement, a game can reveal strategic capabilities and your great judgment, they still hesitate any longer without choosing Door Kickers. A fun and exciting new content game, it will definitely bring you an unforgettable experience. Become a professional SWAT and kill the criminals in their lair, it’s time to show everyone the power of justice. Quickly download and play today.

MOD Info?


  • Get lots of experience points


  • Unlimited Star
  • After completing the first level, all weapons will unlock


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