Game Doorman Story

Game Doorman Story
Genre Simulation
Size 85M
Latest Version 1.7.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update February 23, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Simulation games are divided into different categories, some of them realistic, while some are more entertaining than practical. Almost all simulation games use tycoon mechanics, allowing players to passively earn income even though there are not many activities in the game. And Doorman Story is also a simulation game, and it brings a new experience to players in managing and developing a hotel of their own. The game not only simulates management but also will have many mini-games and events full of entertainment for players to relax as well as earn many attractive gifts.

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Hotel team tycoon

Doorman Story will bring players the best feelings, experiences, and moments in managing a hotel and taking it to the next level. The gameplay of the game will revolve around the player taking care of the hotel and their guests to the best extent to achieve revenue and use for development. At the beginning of the game, players will start with a hotel on the side of the road, suitable for overnight breaks. However, each customer will always have a simple request, and if the player meets them, there will be a bonus reward. Some customers will not only give requests, but will also give tips, complaints, and other things for players to improve the hotel management experience and skills.

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Manage your staff, respond to customer

The hotel management journey is endless, but the game will have a levelling mechanism and split into countless small levels to become a challenge for the player. Each challenge will require players to serve how many guests, complete how many requests, and many other things. When players complete challenges, the game will have many attractive rewards for players, and those rewards are used in the development of the hotel. During the game experience, the player’s hotel will remain the same through each challenge, and the smallest changes will be permanently retained. From there, players can see their hotel growing through every challenge, even with the smallest things.

Improve the hotel

Each Tycoon game has a versatile upgrade system, which allows players to upgrade countless things, thereby improving the quality of the hotel and attracting more customers. The upgrade system allows players to increase the number of rooms, the size of each room, furniture, decoration, services, and many other things to help guests have the best overnight experience at the hotel. The upgrade system will also improve income and increase the number of customers, from which players will bring more income than the first time.

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Time-management is not that easy

The player’s hotel can build many other attractive services such as fast food, drinks, and many convenience stores in the area. The more services being built, the more satisfied customers will be, and the number of their requests will increase, thereby improving the player’s income. As the hotel grows, more expensive and famous customers will start to visit and experience it, and many will even propose to be one of the best. Therefore, players will have endless motivation for them to develop and improve their hotel to a new level. And this game will unlock more interesting things as players progress the game to increase the level of entertainment.


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