Game Dota Underlords Mobile

Game Dota Underlords Mobile
Publisher Valve Corporation
Genre MOBA
Size 60M
Latest Version 1.0 b528
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Update November 26, 2020 (4 months ago)

Dota has become one of the leaders in MOBA games long ago. Although until now it has to share the throne with League of Legends, this game still has a big position in the hearts of gamers. Its fans around the world are very crowded. Demonstration of this, you can see millions of players at the same time online. Either the DotA tournament always receives excellent views even in the stadium and online viewers.

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But DotA is different from its brothers when it has a lot of extra modes for players to enjoy. Auto Chess is one of the most popular modes in Dota. Just recently, it has returned to the gaming market, and one caused a massive storm. Players around the world began to witness a transformation of this mode as many game makers came to take advantage of this play to offer brand new products. These products do not use auto chess, but the gameplay is the same. Standing in front of that storm, Valve made a quick decision when launching an official version of DotA auto chess called Dota Underlords. This time the player will not need to wonder whether he should play the game that is closest to the original. Because you already have a Game released by the author. One more thing, “Dota Underlords” is released for free for all current smartphone operating systems. Although it’s only released for a few days, the game has received the attention of many gamers around the world.

Actually, at present, the game had caused a considerable controversy when it was released right in the heart of the storm. First, it will be compared to the Auto Chess mode on PC. Besides, the fans of Teamfight Tactics (also known as Auto Chess LOL) have voiced a lot about that this Game has not been done very well. In the end, the fans of games of the same genre also commented. However, only a few days have been released, but it has gained a lot of interest. It can be said that this is also the first step for success. Because of gameplay, graphics, and everything of design can be upgraded.


A feature that makes the game more outstanding than its brothers will be with me is that all of the design images are the same as the original. The first is about the map; it is genuinely designed using rather dark tones. This represents the tension and danger of this battle. Besides, characters from DotA are also included wisely. It can be said that it is an entirely identical version of Auto Chess on PC. But this has caused some discomfort for the player. Because it uses a massive technology, if your smartphone doesn’t use new model chips, it’s easy to get lag. However, this compatibility error will be fixed soon, the car’s graphics are also upgraded, adding many unique features only for the smartphone version. The game’s audio system is probably the most popular part of the game. All the fighting sounds that you often hear a real Dota match are not yet entered. Every move that heroes release comes with sound effects and images. If you look carefully, you can judge the trend of the match.


Basically, “Dota Underlords” entered this market as the original version of Auto Chess. So, it’s gameplay has not changed so much compared to its own self on PC. In this game, the player will summon a team of heroes with powers and legends that have been identified in DotA.

This gameplay requires players to have tactical sensitivity. That means they will have to think one by themselves before entering a real match. But everything can be broken if you don’t have luck. Because all the heroes that you have the right to summon to the ring appear randomly. If those heroes don’t fit into the strategy you have prepared, it will probably cause some difficulties. However, you should not be too pessimistic because it will offer some basic choices not to surprise too many gamers.

You will still be able to use those choices to create tactics and prepare for its customization. Each round will have more random heroes. Players will use the new money they have earned in the previous round to buy them. The special in this game is the same three heroes standing next to each other will create a higher form. Each hero like that usually evolves three times. You will fight against a lot of different opponents until you win all the opponents in the lobby to be considered the winner.


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