Game Dr. Mario World

Game Dr. Mario World
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Arcade
Size 87M
Latest Version 2.2.2
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Update December 16, 2020 (3 months ago)

Nintendo since its success until the present time never forget the influence of Mario in the gaming market of all time. You can see that this plumber has become one of the biggest icons in the modern game village. Every field can receive the presence of Mario, not just encapsulated in platformers that are broadcasted year by year. The secret of the success of all game publishers is to be consistently creative. Nintendo, too, when they know how to diversify their games. Dr. Mario World works with a simple puzzle style game, allowing you to have easy and fast entertainment hours. You can choose to play it within 5 minutes of a break, or you can spend the whole day solving challenging puzzles that the game offers.

Once again, the success of the game comes from the fact that it does not imitate any game that is already on the market. Although its gameplay is similar to the “Dynomite Deluxe” style, there are specific customizations. And it feels like I’m playing a new game, not a remake version. “Dr. Mario World” uses a clear story to guide players and stimulate their curiosity. Everything in this game is influenced by the story, bringing uniformity and creating a unique style.


This game tells about Mario’s experience as a doctor. He will face the most dangerous viruses and find a way to defeat it. Luckily, Mario created a capsule that can erase viruses based on color. This means that the pill that touches the infection of the same color will destroy it and bring some big points to the player. But the challenges will be much more terrible with the customization in the variety of viruses. In addition to Dr. Mario present to help you can destroy many dangerous viruses, you can get the help of many other characters. These characters are familiar faces that have appeared many times in Mario’s plot. Don’t be surprised when this time, Bowser becomes a doctor; he also sometimes becomes a good person. Besides, Todd and Peach also contributed to helping you fight the enemies that caused the disease.

Use your puzzle skills to eliminate pesky viruses!

To make it easier to imagine, it is still an arcade shooting game, “Dr. Mario World” will follow the rules of match-3 shooting just like “Dynomite Deluxe.” In this game, the player controls the capsules so that they can be joined with viruses to form a strip of at least three colors in the line. When you achieve this, you will disappear and get a certain number of points. But this is not all. Because capsules are also limited, not endless, this means that the player must think and calculate it carefully before deciding to use it. If you waste any capsules, there may be a shortage of herbal remedies for that level. This limitation is also one of the main factors that players have to pay attention to. Besides the usual concern, there will be missing capsules; the objects will make the level much more difficult.

Funny graphics and sounds

The higher the level, the more complicated things will be arranged, harder to control and require the player to be much more skillful. Besides blocks of sugar bricks or sugar milk, the viruses will be spread all over the map; there is no particular order at all. Before using a capsule, the player would have to think very carefully because sometimes there would be foolish moves. If you fall into the trap that the design team makes, you will lose. But there will also be a few to help you so that you can easily overcome difficulties. This help will require players to pay a pretty big price, so please pay attention.

Dr. Mario World makes its own difference thanks to the creativity in the controller. In other match-3 shooting games only allow players to shoot a bullet in a straight line. If you want to navigate, then you will have to calculate the reflection angle. But Dr. Mario has a more powerful treatment. Players will be full navigator capsule by drag. Besides, there will be an icon on the screen so you can switch from vertical to horizontal and vice versa. In general, it is because you customize how to let your pill kill as many viruses as possible.


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