Game Dragon Battle

Game Dragon Battle
Publisher Tap Pocket
Genre Simulation
Size 98MB
Latest Version 12.38
MOD Info Unlimited Gold/Diamond/Resources
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OS Android Games

You know, dragons are legendary objects, and humans only see dragons in movies or pictures. The dragon figure is imagined by humans and visualized. To this day, when we refer to dragons, we will think of symbols of strength, prosperity, and dragons always love treasure. Dragons’ topic always attracts a lot of people, so movies and manga about dragons always have a very high turnover and are loved by many people. And in the mobile game entertainment industry, dragons are also a popular topic exploited by game developers. Dragon Battle, provided by Tap Pocket, is a game on the list of dragon games that are loved and appreciated for the game’s entertainment.


In the Dragon Battle, your mission is to build and develop an extraordinary island. The reason it is more impressive than other islands because it is a dragon island. This means that a world full of dragons will be managed and built by you, how your island can survive and thrive at its best. Each dragon has many different evolution stages, so each evolutionary dragon will have different strengths and skills. Depending on the type of dragon, evolution levels will vary. After evolving, your dragon will receive a stat boost and unlock other new skills. Besides, equipping your dragon with gems makes it even more powerful. Besides, dragons also divide different elements such as fire, ice, water, earth, thunder … depending on which element, your dragon will have a diverse habitat. So please follow and build a living environment that is suitable for each dragon type.


Coming to Dragon Battle, you not only stop at building a dragon island but also fighting the dragon army from the outside to protect your dragon island is the most important thing. Dragons on your island will be collected and trained by you to fight and defend the island. In this game, there are many breeds of dragons with special powers and skills. So the selection and collection of dragons are essential. If you keep dragons with strong fighting power, make sure you fight the enemy outside and keep your island safe. Each dragon will have an ability and personality. Choose wisely for your team. The game requires you to have a vision as well as a high strategy to win. After winning, you will receive many valuable rewards such as gold and dragon eggs. Everything will be run your way; the result will be based on your decision, be smart and calm in this fierce dragon battle.


Besides collecting dragons, the game Dragon Battle emphasizes creativity, so you can create new dragons based on the elements you hold. Crossing two dragons species to create a new species of dragons bearing the characteristics and strength of both their father and mother is very remarkable. In addition to the common natural elements such as water, fire, … in the game, there are also rare elements such as air, light, wind, darkness … Use elements in the game and create new dragons.

There is a system of diverse dragons and many levels for you to upgrade your dragon in the game. Besides, you will receive VIP support to get many resources and super attractive benefits. It can be said that the game has a unique dragon-building and training gameplay that not even a dragon island game can have. The game brings a very new and great experience for all players.


You can see that the Dragon Battle game is a product of the famous game developer Tap Pocket. So the quality of the content and the image of the game, we have nothing to discuss. The graphics in the game must be said to be very beautiful, and it conquers everyone, even the most demanding person. Sharp graphics and diverse colors attract, but no lack of harmony contributes to a good impression. A beautiful game with vivid and smooth movements, especially the design of magnificent, cute dragons with super cool expressions, will make you enjoy playing this game. If you are feeling bored and boring, this game is a good suggestion for you; surely you will have fun and relaxing entertainment moments with the game.


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