Game Dragon Idle Adventure

Game Dragon Idle Adventure
Publisher Kongregate
Genre Simulation
Size 120M
Latest Version 1.105
MOD Info Free Upgrade
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Update November 11, 2020 (4 months ago)

Dragon is an animal that only appears in the legendary, and there are many legends about this animal. Dragons have also become the inspiration for many games that have been released. Many famous movies and games also have the appearance of dragons. One of the dragon-themed games that are being appreciated by many players is Dragon Idle Adventure – a simple and straightforward game to play. The game will bring players to the world of dragons, a world of magic for you to entertain. The experience that the game brings will be something you will never forget.

Dragon Idle Adventure (MOD, Free Upgrade)

Write your own story in a magic land of dragons

Around the world, people have found a lot of evidence that dragons still exist somewhere but that no one has seen them with their own eyes. It is rumored that dragons live in a place called Dragonshore, but no one has ever set foot here. But there have been two people who have successfully reached this place after years of floating at sea; it is Luna and a fake mage. In Luna’s imagination, this land was a beautiful land, with dragons living with other species perfectly. But as soon as they arrived here, Luna and the witch realized that something was wrong with this peaceful land. After a period of using the crystal for testing, the crystal turned black, which meant that the land was cursed. But why is this beautiful land cursed? That’s why Luna and his grandfather chose to live here to learn about the reasons and save the world of dragons.

Dragon Idle Adventure (MOD, Free Upgrade)

Building a farm

If you want to live in this world, players need to have a source of food and water to survive. So how do you get food and water? That is by building a farm by himself to start a life here. However, this land is being cursed, so most of it cannot be used for cultivation. So when the player begins the game, they can only use a small portion of the land to grow and search for ingredients. The first thing that is grown is apple trees to collect the fruits and sell them. Or players can build a pond to get water from there and use it as raw materials for other places. If the player can use the resources intelligently, it is not too difficult to get rich in this land. Once the conditions are met to level up, the player will evolve and become stronger after completing the game’s requirements. Meanwhile, other works such as quarrying, growing vegetables, and many other things will also appear to make the game more diverse.

Dragon Idle Adventure (MOD, Free Upgrade)

Thanks to the help of dragon friends

If you do all the work alone, it will take a lot of time to complete all the stages in the game. The first is to take care of the fruit and harvest and then transport them for sale, which takes a lot of time. Then why not ask the help of the dragons? Once Luna and the magus arrived in this place, the land gradually restored and became habitable before, so the dragons returned. Players can ask the dragons to assist in their work to achieve higher efficiency and quickly level up. For example, to make plants get more fruit, Hollie will help you do that. Hollie can go to the apple trees and cause them to grow and produce more fruit to improve yield. There are also many other dragons willing to help, but first of all, they need to be unlocked. Each dragon species will have a different function suitable for them, so they need to be used appropriately to get the best results.

Dragon Idle Adventure (MOD, Free Upgrade)

Simple idle gameplay

If you do not have too much time to play the game, it will be an excellent choice to have fun. The game is built in idle style, so the gameplay of the game is straightforward and is almost done automatically. You don’t have to spend a lot of time playing, but you can still reap the success of the game. This game is very suitable for those who are too busy with work and do not have much time to play the game because everything is automatic. For example, the rabbit in the game will help collect the apples and bring them in the jar, and Luna will walk by and pick them up for production.


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