Game Dragon Nest Labyrinth APK

Game Dragon Nest Labyrinth APK
Genre RPG
Update July 22, 2018 (3 years ago)

Have you ever heard of the legends of ancient heroes, when the brightly coloured sword carries the destructive power of g destabilising the enemy, taking a thousand enemy troops? Or magical masters of magic that can control nature, including nature such as fire, water, thunder, …? Or is a cyber-croucher able to use an arrow through an enemy line? And what if you had the chance to become one of those heroes, stepping on the path to find the treasures and fight the dark forces to protect the world? And that is precisely what Dragon Nest: Labyrinth wants to bring to you. With an exciting storyline and cute chibi characters, the game will give you a great time to relax after hours of hard work or study. And especially for those who love fighting role-playing games, this is an excellent option for you.

Step into the magical wordplay

LikeĀ Dragon Nest M, when logged in to Dragon Nest: Labyrinth, you will set foot in a completely different world. You will be selected for one of the characters such as mages, gunners, warriors, or pastors. Each hero has its strengths, strengths and weaknesses, and all you have to do is choose the character that best matches your tone. Then, you will join the actors starting their journey through the dungeons, discovering mysterious labyrinths and fighting the monstrous monsters. And after each battle, you will receive a lot of valuable rewards and gold coins to buy and upgrade equipment, skills to increase the strength of her hero. Gold can kill many monsters and complete the missions as much as possible, so you can level up quickly and kill as many more monsters. What better way to become a legendary hero, destroy the evil and protect the stronghold with the people, suddenly increase the power, upgrade equipment and kill a lot. Monster preserve your kingdom!


There are many different characters to help you choose the type of characters you like. Also, the teammate will make it easier for you to go through underground dungeons that are very complex and can create hours of intense fighting. Upgrading your character and equipment will also help you to have a better experience by searching continually for items and gold coins to improve your hero become stronger.

Graphics and sound

Dragon Nest: Labyrinth with unique character creation will make you fascinated at first sight. Chibi-style heroes are adorable and unique skills are incredibly active will cause you can not move your eyes. Players in the game are also heavily focused on the dark tunnels and monsters are very lively and authentic, making the road to find the strength of the heroes become attractive and dramatic. Counted a lot. The bright and appealing sound, the swords or arrows, and the screams of the monsters, coupled with the sound of each hero’s attacks, are meticulously polished. Background music is also fun, easy to listen to and enjoy. All in one title promises to make you remember not forget.

Sum up

Being a hero requires strength, and to have the advantage, must continuously train and accumulate personal experience, consistently face challenges and overcome them. That’s all that the Dragon Nest: Labyrinth wants to send to you in this tremendous super game. Come to Dragon Nest: Labyrinth APK, and you will be surprised by the great things that the game can bring to you. So, download the game today to experience all that great stuff

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