Game Dragon Quest IV

Game Dragon Quest IV
Publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.
Genre RPG
Size 180M
Latest Version 1.1.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update March 8, 2021 (5 days ago)

Dragon Quest IV is one of the most popular games of the “Dragon Quest” series. Moreover, the “Dragon Quest” series has become a known name around the world for its gameplay, story, and great features. And “Dragon Quest IV” is one of the most successful parts of this series. The game brings players to a fantasy world and plays as a hero, the protagonist of this game. The main task of the player is to perform the given duty and on the way to becoming a hero to destroy all evil. This game is inherently famous on many different platforms, and now it has a separate version for mobile. If you want to enjoy a classic RPG adventure game, “Dragon Quest IV” will be an excellent game for you.



The game has classic gameplay and focuses on role-playing adventure, and it also has a deep, meaningful storyline about friendship during the player’s journey. Its gameplay can be considered a breakthrough for the turn-based genre when it first released on the market. And players will be unlocked a lot of unique features of the gameplay through the progressing storyline. Players coming to this game will start their trip on a vast land, make friends, fight, and complete countless different missions. Its gameplay is not so simple, besides allowing players to travel around the world freely, the game will also focus on the fighting element. Besides, on the map of this game, there are many different locations for players to explore. Each location always has a hidden secret, and it can be opened through the player’s story progress. The game uses classic retro graphics, but it has eye-catching, beautiful, and vivid skill effects, ensuring the player has the best experience with the classic RPG genre.


Game Features

The combat is turn-based, and the game will have a unique interface designed to help players capture the battle situation more easily. Players will control four different characters in each turn; the variety of characters will make the team more versatile and can use many kinds of tactics. Each character uses a certain type of equipment, and their stats will correspond to the predefined character class. The skill system of each character is also very diverse, and when promoted, it will unlock more skills for players to activate. In a battle, there are many things for players to do, and players need to have the most useful tactic for each type of enemy. The world inside this game is enormous, so the variety of monsters is an interesting feature of this game.


Party Talk – 360 Degree Views – Wagon Quest! – AI Battles

The gameplay is not only focused on combat mechanics, but it also allows players to experience a lot of other things for the player to have a memorable adventure. Besides fighting, players can travel around the world, decipher secrets, interact with NPCs, and shopping in cities that appear along the way. Moreover, each city always has a special mission system for players, and the system will have many side quests for players to enjoy. Besides those things, the game also has an interesting promotion system and depth for each character. After each battle, the entire party will earn a certain amount of EXP, and when they accumulate enough points, they will level up. Every time a character is promoted, the character’s overall stats will be improved to help them withstand future battles, and some special skills will be unlocked.


Experience the legendary RPG

Besides, each character will use a certain type of equipment, and players can also change the equipment of each character to enhance their strength. Weapons can be obtained from fighting monsters, but the fastest way to own weapons is to buy them at the store. Weapon levels are also very diverse, and based on the story’s progress, their levels will change to make the player’s journey easier. The game also has a weapon upgrade system, and players only need to collect the necessary materials and spend a corresponding amount of money to upgrade weapons or equipment. The store not only sells weapons and equipment, but it also sells some other items to use during battles. Players can perform many different actions every turn, which is to attack, use skills, and use items to deal with monsters.


The game also has a lot of things for players to explore and enjoy, and players can interact with each team member to listen to their stories. Although the game has simple gameplay, and no depth of equipment, but this game has a deep and engaging story. Moreover, the game will make every character has a well-written story to ensure the player’s trip becomes more interesting. If you love the classic RPG genre or want to experience a friendship story, “Dragon Quest IV” will be a perfect choice for you.


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