Publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.
Genre RPG
Size 222M
Latest Version 1.1.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update March 9, 2021 (4 days ago)

DRAGON QUEST is a game line that was not new to many players in the period when consoles were dominating the market. Many players have honored this series as one of the legends of the JRPG series. In particular, a fifth of the game called DRAGON QUEST V is an extraordinary game and is liked by many players. This game was one of the first games of this series to be released for the Nintendo Super Famicom platform, and it quickly became famous.

First released in 1992 and also the first game not widely released worldwide for players to experience. It took 17 years when the PS2 platform was born; this game was popularized around the world. But this game was also released worldwide in a different way, which is to launch the game’s mobile platform. SQUARE ENIX has decided to release this game on mobile platforms for players to experience. If you have not had the opportunity to experience this game yet, why hesitate without downloading this game to play?



At the beginning is a picture of a baby being born, and this is the hero of the game. When his father, Pankraz, set out to meet an old friend named Sancho, he did something hazardous. That’s when he met Bianca, and the two decided to go to Uptaten Towers together to discover the secret about the Golden Orb. When he went to this castle, he found that there was a man with a very similar outlook but that he was older. The elder once asked the hero to let him see the Golden Orb, and after a short time, he returned the orb. When he returned the ball, he asked the hero to take care of his father, Pankraz. But shortly after that, Pankraz was killed with a mighty foe trying to kidnap the hero and Prince Harry. Both men were arrested after being shot to the slave market to serve other people. Ten years later, many new events will occur and completely change the fate of the hero. If players want to discover it, come to the game to learn about it.


Make your adventure

Players coming to the game will be involved in a great adventure with a lot of exciting things waiting for players to discover. Players will be able to travel through many lands with different characteristics to complete the purpose. The game also has a colossal quest system that players can play. By performing missions, the player also gets closer and closer to the goal and uncovers the mystery of the game. Also, when you are on a mission, the player can explore the world that the game brings to the player. Please stop for a moment to enjoy the elaborate image that the game has brought for players to experience. Although not the latest graphics but only the things of the last century, the game still has unique and worth you experiencing.


Familiar fighting style

This game is still built in the turn-based style that players often see, so it will not take too long to get used to the game. But the fighting style in this game has been somewhat changed to make the game more interesting. Players encounter monsters; the screen will switch to the battle mode for players to fight. Unlike other games, in this game, players can individually affect each member of the team for them to fight. Players do not have to play the game in the general style as before; this makes the game more interesting. Thanks to this feature, the tactics in the game have also been greatly improved for players to enjoy.


Domesticated beasts

One of the unique features of this series is that it allows players to domesticate the animals in the game. This mobile version, it has up to 71 different animals for players to tame. Players can tame them to make them a companion to support themselves in combat. If the player wants to win them over, the player first needs to make him believe that you are strong enough to master it. Players need to fight and defeat it to gain admiration and become your assistant. These animals are similar to warriors; they can level up to become stronger. When the player defeats a monster, they will receive EXP for promotion.


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