Publisher Ltd, SQUARE ENIX Co.
Genre RPG
Size 1.1GB
Latest Version 1.2.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Files March 9, 2021 (4 days ago)

DRAGON QUEST VIII is the 8th installment of the legendary DRAGON QUEST series by the famous publisher SQUARE ENIX. Since its launch, it has sold more than 4.8 million copies on various platforms, and it has finally appeared on the mobile platform with a completely new mechanism. The game will change the control mechanism to be compatible with mobile devices. Moreover, it will also add some new features for mobile players to have the best experience. This game has the same gameplay as the other versions, and the biggest difference is its graphics and new features.

Set off on an unforgettable adventure with Yangus

In this game, the player will play as the main character with extraordinary skills. Moreover, he has another fate for the player to discover. Compared to previous versions, their storylines are always similar, and the gameplay is the same. Players will build their destiny, do tasks to help people, make friends with the strong, and accompany through fierce battles. Moreover, players will also enjoy the fascinating, touching, and meaningful stories that are hidden everywhere in this game. The game will also have many different mechanisms for players to have a new experience with the RPG genre, and even players will enjoy many unique features of this game.


The game still has the same gameplay as the other versions, but the difference is the graphics and the free movement mechanism. Yes, this game uses advanced 3D graphics, combining a third perspective to let players freely move around the world to explore. It is an open-world game, almost all “Dragon Quest” are open world, and the third perspective and vivid 3D graphics is a breakthrough in this series. Moreover, this is a new experience for players and brings a new breeze for this series. Players can now travel everywhere, explore every corner, fight monsters, and solve hidden secrets around the world. Besides it, the game allows players to travel throughout the city to interact with all NPCs, shop, or take on quests. While moving freely, the game will have its control mechanism, and it’s simple, flexible, and gentle for players.

Game Features

When the player encounters with monsters along the way, the game immediately puts the player into the battle state. The combat mechanism is turn-based, and the player will control the entire character at once in each turn. With turn-based combat, players will have more opportunities to set up tactics, and players can use special skills, items, or attack combos to deal damage to monsters. While the story progresses, players will unlock new characters and add them to the party to make the adventure more interesting. At the same time, new features during combat will unlock, or the special skills of the character will level up. Players can also change equipment, weapons to have a better fighting state. Weapons, equipment, and accessories can be purchased from the store, and of course, they can be upgraded. There are many things for players to experience and explore in this game, and whole gameplay could add up to several hours of playtime.


The plot of Dragon Quest VIII is considered to be charismatic, dramatic, intriguing, and profound; it tells the power of friendship and the complex emotions of people. This game also has many different stories for players to enjoy, even each character will have a story to tell players. All the stories inside this game are related to a certain secret, and it’s up to the player’s ability to uncover the whole secret. Everywhere in the world of this game will be built with new 3D graphics, so players will have plenty of time to relax or go sightseeing. Players can also interact with their teammates to talk, entertain, exchange, and even unlock some new features.

The gameplay of Dragon Quest VIII also has many new things, it has a lot of mini-games, events, quests for players. Every time a player unlocks a new city, everything will be updated, weapons will change, quests will be more, and rewards will become more generous for players. Even during the adventure, the player will encounter some quick-time events, and if successful, the player will receive a lot of generous rewards.

Dragon Quest VIII is a breakthrough in all aspects, such as gameplay, graphics, plot, and the whole world. If you are a fan of the classic role-playing genre, combined with a bit of modernity, this game will be a great choice for you.

MOD Info?

  • Paid game for free
  • Unlimited Money (99252525)


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