Game DragonVale

Game DragonVale
Publisher Backflip Studios
Genre Simulation
Size 90MB
Latest Version 4.22.0
MOD Info Food/Treats/Money
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Update February 7, 2021 (1 month ago)

In all cultures, the bed seems to have the appearance of dragons. In the West, it represents power, greed, and absolute power. While in the East, dragons represent the Royal Power and good things. In general, they all bring about influential figures that are thought to be the most powerful creatures that humans have ever thought of. In modern times In general, people no longer believe in the legend of dragons, but it is still a very good idea to bring into the entertainment industry. Movies with dragon characters all create a lot of strong impressions for viewers, or novels that mention this content also receive great attention.

DragonVale (MOD, Food/Treats/Money)

DragonVale is a game released in 2012, and until now it has continued to operate and is liked by many people. During the time it worked, it received more than 10 million downloads and was also considered one of the most successful smartphone simulation games. If I mention a farm game, maybe everyone thinks of Hayday, but the farm that raises dragons will surely be “DragonVale.”

DragonVale (MOD, Food/Treats/Money)

If not mentioning the graphics of this game, then it is really a considerable omission. The dragon in the imagination of the ancient people is simply, the maximum is only about ten types. But inside “DragonVale” is incredibly diverse, you can be surprised with their shaping. In general, Backflip Studios publisher has been extremely successful in re-describing this imaginary variety.

DragonVale (MOD, Food/Treats/Money)

Original Dragon Breeding Game!

As mentioned here, it works almost like a Farm game. First, the player will be provided with a small piece of land there will have some basic dragons. The task of the player at the early times is to raise these dragons so that they are larger, reaching maturity. In the process, they will create some money that you can use for many different purposes. Small investments are devoted to buying food for the Dragons, and after having made stable amounts of money then think about expanding the farm.

DragonVale (MOD, Food/Treats/Money)

Impressive and unique art

But that’s not the end of this game because the dragon world that Backflip Studios designed is incredibly significant. From the basic dragons, combine them to create the next generation with the quality of coordination from their parents. Then more and more, your farm will grow bigger with dozens of different types of dragons that you have never met in any fiction. In addition to the dragon that you can coordinate tiles, there are still infrequent types that you can only buy in the store only.

DragonVale (MOD, Food/Treats/Money)

It is at this point that you have to use the money you have accumulated so far to unlock them. When the dragons are old enough, you can send them on quests to receive epic treasures and Dragon Cash. Although this is just a normal Farm game, it means you will play alone; there is no battle going on at all. But it also allows you to connect with your friends and visit your friends’ dragon farms.


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