Game Drawmaster

Game Drawmaster
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Genre Action
Size 77M
Latest Version 1.8.0
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update January 30, 2021 (1 month ago)

On the gaming market, players can find exciting games with a variety of ways to play. With action games, you must control your character carefully to be able to destroy the enemy. Players will have to make different calculations suitable for many situations in the strategy game. Each game gives players different experiences. Therefore, they are always looking for good games to entertain them at a certain time. If you love light-hearted games that require careful thought, you can try Drawmaster.


Drawmaster (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Drawmaster is a strategy game where you will draw the arrow’s path so it can take down the enemy. It seems straightforward and accessible to anyone. Currently, it has attracted many installs on Google Play and received many positive reviews from players. It can be said that the game has helped them entertain effectively with simple but equally attractive gameplay. You can easily install the game to experience it. In the game, there will not be too many effects affecting your gameplay. Simultaneously, the development team is continuing to make the game more stable and bring great user experiences. That gives players a good impression of the game and attracts more installs.


Drawmaster (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

The graphics of the game are carefully designed with funny characters. At each level, you will be able to see many different elements. You will definitely feel comfortable playing this game with nice graphics. It can be said that you will gradually immerse yourself in the game and complete it from one level to another. At the same time, players will observe the game screen from a third perspective and make the necessary calculations to pass the next level.


Drawmaster (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Drawmaster’s gameplay is straightforward, so anyone can understand it the first time playing the game. You will draw your lines of fire so that you can destroy the enemy. Arrows will follow the lines you draw. It is just a game so you can get whatever path you feel right from the straight line to the roundabout. This is a unique element to help you be creative in your gameplay. At the same time, although the gameplay is simple, the higher the difficulty level requires players to make the right decisions. The number of enemies will increase more and more and you have to take them all at once because you will not have a chance to shoot a second time. But this is not too difficult when you can draw a line between one person and the other.

You not only take down the enemy with just your weapon but sometimes there will be other effects such as gasoline, steel bridges, etc. Your job is to think about how they can damage the opponent. At the same time, you also have to destroy the target depending on the color specified. Specifically, only red archers can destroy red enemies, and blue enemies likewise. Therefore, sometimes you will come across the situation where two archers’ arrows will collide.


Drawmaster (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Besides the target through the screen, you can experience other exciting things in the game. If you are bored with the default weapon, you will change it in the Gun section. During the game, you will be able to unlock different weapons. So, when they achieve the type they love, players will want to experiment immediately. It can be seen as the motivation for them to continue playing this game. In this game, players are allowed to spin the wheel to receive certain benefits. Also, this is how you can find a weapon, a hammer to build bases, etc. You can unlock your base at a certain level and use the hammers you collect to improve inside. Therefore, the player’s experience is not just limited to passing stages.

Drawmaster (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Drawmaster is surely an exciting game with simple gameplay that any player should experience. The game brings eye-catching graphics for players and makes them feel comfortable to go from one level to another. At the same time, the increasing difficulty of the game requires players to make the right choices. The challenges that players face will be very diverse to be less bored when playing this game. Also, the game possesses beautiful weapons in many different ways. You will have a great entertaining time thanks to Drawmaster.


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