Game Drawn To Life: Two Realms

Game Drawn To Life: Two Realms
Publisher 505 Games Srl
Genre Puzzle
Size 50M
Latest Version 1.0
MOD Info Full/Paid
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Update December 11, 2020 (3 months ago)

Anyone wants to experience an enjoyable game for themselves after stressful moments. In the current game market, there are no titles with different unique ways to play this role. Therefore, players can experience many new ways of playing that they have never tried before. It can be said that novelties are always the top factor for the games to attract more players and experience. If you are a fan of new genres, Drawn To Life: Two Realms is the game you experience.


Drawn To Life: Two Realms is a puzzle game, explore the story, and you will characterize in 2D style. Although it is a 2D game, you should not rate it as not attractive and not suitable for you. It will bring you many exciting moments because of its unique gameplay. If judging straightforwardly, the environments in the game are designed in a cute and easy-to-see way.

Drawn To Life: Two Realms (MOD, Full/Paid) ***

You will be able to travel through many different places and meet characters of many shapes. So when you start to experience this game, you will feel like you have just entered a colorful new world. Although not comparable to today’s 3D games, the game’s graphics still meet players’ gaming needs and always bring new experiences to them.


In Drawn To Life: Two Realms, you’ll be in charge of solving puzzles and uncovering what’s hidden. Your experience does not have to play a hero’s role in learning the town or overcoming monsters; this game can offer more. Specifically, for each stage, you will play the role of a creator and experience what you have created yourself.

Drawn To Life: Two Realms (MOD, Full/Paid) ***

Specifically, in each puzzle level, you will have a hero whose task is to go to the door. But unlike other puzzle games, elements of certain levels will be able to adjust on their own. So this is one of the challenges for players, and it is not as simple as they imagined.

Usually, passing puzzles with different difficulty is not easy. But with this game, you will customize some elements to help your hero reach the destination (the door). You will receive some factors to assist you at each level, and you will see where to put them. After you have completed the preparation step, you will let your character you control to move. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to start over.


For some games, you will have to control a character that has been designed by the manufacturer, and sometimes you will have the desire to change its appearance to avoid boredom. Your wishes will be fulfilled when you play Drawn To Life: Two Realms. Specifically, you will create your image of the character according to many different elements.

Drawn To Life: Two Realms (MOD, Full/Paid) ***

The game will provide you with various tools to do this. All that remains is your creativity to make it unique and suitable for your interests. So the time you create your character is one of the times for you to have fun. Indeed, during the creative process, you will create an awkward look and laugh at it.


Besides solving puzzles, one of the things you’ll do is uncover what’s still behind the story. Your experience not only passed the levels but also learned the story. You can interact with different characters to gather information. Do not forget to explore all parts of town as there will be some exciting elements that will pop up.

Drawn To Life: Two Realms (MOD, Full/Paid) ***

One piece of advice when playing this game for players is not to ignore the things that appear for the game. The producer has carefully prepared all elements in the game, so you should experience the stories to put them together into a whole. So, to fully experience this game’s beauty, please calm down and experience what it brings with the catchy music.

Drawn To Life: Two Realms (MOD, Full/Paid) ***

Drawn To Life: Two Realms is a game that combines puzzle elements with story discovery. Although the game is designed with 2D style, you should experience it to know how much fun it brings. At the same time, when experiencing, you will certainly not be able to take your eyes off its graphics because of the beautiful stages and cute characters. Also, as for the gameplay, your experience will continuously change in-game exploration. Unique stories, catchy music, and choose the method to get through that sentence. There’s just so much for you to reach out to and entertain!


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