Game Dungeon Legends

Game Dungeon Legends
Publisher Codigames
Genre RPG
Size 144MB
Latest Version 3.21
MOD Info Unlimited Gold/EXP
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Update January 4, 2020 (1 year ago)

The dungeon is always the best place to challenge your strength and endurance. In MMORPG games, a dungeon is always a place for heroes to challenge themselves and their opinions about more rewarding rewards. Dungeon Legends is the place for passionate people to explore and challenge themselves to the limit. Although this game is quite old, it continues to be noticed by many people during this time. That is a strong urge for the publisher to constantly update it to serve the best games for gamers.

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In the last version, we can see that it has updated many new skills. They are all traits you will get when you combine some special weapons when possessing these types of skills when the player will receive significant advantages to defeat his opponent much faster than before. Poison steps, Fire steps, Frozen steps, … are three effects to help players can cause more damage than opponents that they cannot resist. These are automatic damage types so the opponent can only tolerate it. Black Hole, Flash Bang are two new skills that allow you to put damage on enemies quickly. However, don’t worry too much about the damage-causing skills being updated too much because new armor equipment will help you fight damage every week. This is too much of a benefit because it makes the game more diverse and attractive.

Join the fight against the Skeleton Boss

You will play the character you choose from before and then enter your adventure in the dungeon. This place has no help from anyone, but you will have to overcome everything yourself. The first level is sure to be easy, but the later the game will give more challenging challenges for you to fight. Skeleton Boss is always the one behind everything and is the goal for you to defeat. However, before reaching that boss, she will have to go through many challenges of weak bones outside. Yet, they have a strong point that every time they kill one, it will give birth to two other beings. At an easy level, it only has a fuselage once afterward, the more they become crowded.

However, players should not be too afraid to face such difficulties. Because you will also be equipped with strong skills, when you enter a level, you will be allowed to bring up to 3 skills. The skills will be divided into Active and Passive types of active skills; you will have to adjust the direction and roll it out at different times. Development skills are more straightforward because it always works right on the main character’s attack. Besides, the player also has an equipment system to enhance his power. Everything is bought with that money, and you can only make money by winning 1 level only. Try to be the heroes.

MOD Info

1. MOD Menu
2. God Mode (High HP Recovery and dumb enemies on physical attacks)
3. One Hit Damage
4. Unlimited Mana
5. Attack speed x5
6. Movespeed x2
7. Crazy Gold Gain
8. Crazy EXP Gain


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