Game Eclipse Isle (Operation Stormy Island)
Publisher NetEase
Genre Survival
Size 1.7GB
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Update September 14, 2019 (1 year ago)

Eclipse Isle (Operation Stormy Island) – It can be said that in 2018 Battle Royale and MOBA games have dominated the entire game market. Therefore, many major game makers or even smaller game studios are taking advantage of the new titles that follow the two games. However, their new games still can not overcome the overwhelming shadow of DotA2 and PUBG. So many game makers have come up with the idea of combining these two games to create a lot of fun games for fans of both. Of course, there is a lot of success coming out of this mix, and it becomes a trend now if you want to be successful in the beginning.

Operation Stormy Island great investment to create a true Battle Royale game, but the character system is like a MOBA game. If you are already a fan of both, you will be able to recognize the familiar heroes that are being adapted differently. More interesting is that there are even celebrities in popular anime series. So its maker was sure Operation Stormy Island would attract hundreds of thousands of players in a short time.

Operation Stormy Island is still a traditional Battle Royale game. First, there will be a giant ship with the appearance of being decorated with dragons that look very much like Oriental culture. It even has large sails to fly in the air. The player will jump off the ship and land on a desert island like all the same genre.

The character landed without any special equipment or combat capabilities. Immediately the player must run around the map to find powerful items, drinks, and food to survive before the battle begins with the remaining players. After getting the weapon and becoming stronger by learning the moves as in the MOBA game, the battle really begins

Sometime later there will be a gradual circle that closes forcing players to move quickly into the center of the island. If you are still out of the circle, you will gradually drop blood to death. Want to win this game you have to become the last survivor on the island. This means that all players around must be destroyed. After the circle closes and all the survivors move into the center of the island, they meet. You will have to use all the skills you learned to fight your opponent and defeat them. The skill system is identical to a MOBA game.