Game Escape from Chernobyl

Game Escape from Chernobyl
Publisher Atypical Games
Genre Logic
Size 2GB
Latest Version 1.0.0
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Update August 28, 2018 (3 years ago)

Escape from Chernobyl is the newest survival game. You will not need to pick up a gun and fight, instead, you will have to escape many more scary things.

Since 2017, the new survival genre has become so broad and powerful as it is today. But before that, there were so many survival games. But that age, the players are rarely opponents that human beings often oppose a tremendous and cunning power. The most common opponents of this type of action games are zombies, which are characterized by a significant, high, tolerance and easy to infect. These are good qualities that can last one game for years.

Each producer has an explanation for the appearance of Zombie in his plot. With some games, zombies appear. Naturally, some games are due to infection and lack of resources of the earth. For Atypical Games, their zombies appear due to the infectiousness of the radiation. On an island where secret government experiments cause radioactive leakage, causing all creatures around to turn into zombies

The first part of Radiation City has achieved some successes, millions of players have downloaded games on their mobile device and experience. The appeal of the game makes the second installment of the series. Escape from Chernobyl is the sequel they want.

This time, the War of Survivors took place with a much faster pace than the first part. Graphics, as well as pictures, are included in the game have dark colors. The game still has a bright day and night rotation. However, the whole scene of the game never has a bright color. When night falls, it is also the time Zombie dived the most, surviving here for the morning sun is also a challenging thing.

The operating mechanism of the game is quite simple as it has an integrated MFi controller that can play smoothly on the mobile phone. Players will use the analog stick to control the movement direction of the character they own. In addition, press the action button such as shot, jump, run and replace the gun are displayed on the right side of the screen. Thanks to that, the move will collaboratively take place with easier coordination in the offensive action.

Life on the island is determined to own powerful weapons to be able to destroy the Zombie and escape quickly. So designers have put in a lot of real guns in the military and also the types that they create with their looks and special abilities. Various types of armor, strength boosters and blood tanks are also available on the map for you to pick and use.

Besides, players are allowed to own their own types of skills. It can be the skills that make your attacks stronger or the kind of distraction that can help you escape.

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