Game EVE Echoes

Game EVE Echoes
Publisher NetEase Games
Genre RPG
Size 1.7GB
Latest Version 1.7.23
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Update February 16, 2021 (4 weeks ago)

Space-themed games always attract a lot of attention from the gaming community around the world. However, you often think that a game about the universe must always have beautiful graphics with exciting gameplay, and that game should be built for the PC / Console platform. Honestly, I cannot completely dismiss this claim from you, but I will prove to you that good games that belong to the universe are not only developed on this powerful platform. The platform I’m talking about is the smartphone – one of the new devices and used by lots of people around the world. And at the same time, I will prove that the game that I am about to introduce will completely change your perception. Called EVE Echoes and developed by “NetEase Games”, this is exactly a game that will make you surprised by the charm from unique gameplay and graphics.

EVE Echoes


As you all know, the titles from the publisher of the game NetEase Games all have quality beyond the expectations of gamers, and EVE Echoes is one of them.

Survival in space

Basically, this game works very smoothly according to the multiplayer mode. All of the battles in this game take place in outer space, and at a time when science has grown to a near-maximum level. And thanks to that people were no longer the same as before, I mean the wars on the planet were no longer a problem that people focused on. Instead, the battles you engage in will be the wars of modern weapons, along with fighter planes. In this game, you can choose to join the fight in different stars, where there are many active factions. Of course, competing with other players in the survival battle is just one of the factors that make the game successful. I mean, besides fighting, players can also travel to many other stars to explore, gather resources, industrial production, trade, and many other activities.

The most advanced weapons

And this is also the main factor that helps you have the funds to upgrade your ship. Of course, this universe is vast, so the fact that you are alone fighting against many other players in a battle will be a disadvantage. Under the multiplayer mode, you will find lots of other players who will agree to go on a front line with you. When creating a team with other players, your task is to find ways to protect your teammates and bring victory to the team. In my opinion, the control mechanism of the spacecraft in this game is quite unique and novel. Perhaps, this is the first game that you find attractive controls like spacecraft. Before participating in the process of exploring the universe, fighting, and defending your ideas, this game will guide everything in the game in the most detailed and understandable way.

EVE Echoes


Besides unique and attractive gameplay, the game also gives players a lot of other attractive features.

The universe is vast, and there are many stars for you to explore

When I started to learn this game, it surprised me by the number of stars that you can explore in this game. Basically, you can travel to more than 8000 different stars along with many other players. Each star has its own unique characteristics, and I guarantee that you will never regret downloading this game. It can be said that for the first time in history, there was a game that could give players a game with the most extensive areas that you can freely explore. Overall, this feature is one of the most expensive features of this game.

EVE Echoes

Lots of great and powerful spacecraft that you can use in this game

In this vast universe, many civilizations have found a way to create modern spacecraft to restore for the purpose of discovering distant stars. So, the design of spacecraft in each place is different, and the game brings you more than 100 giant spaceships with equipment, powerful firepower. Each type of spacecraft will have different power and durability, and you can buy or unlock them in transactions and purchases in the game. Not only that, but this game also allows you to change different skin types to innovate and suit your desires.

Play complex and attractive mode

With many different star areas, it is not difficult for you to create an empire for yourself. With this great feature, this is one of the few games with unique content and gameplay that players have created. You can even form your own league and corporation, along with over 100 other players around the world. At the same time, you can create a fleet (base) to fight together for power, territory, and glory in this game. In addition, you can also become a business tycoon by trading and producing useful items that can circulate in the universe.

EVE Echoes


With the exclusive graphics of NetEase Games brought to EVE Echoes, I am sure that you will be able to enjoy the thrill of interstellar travel. From lighting effects to motion effects, from colors to details in the game are extremely well finished. Overall, EVE Echoes does not appear to be too terrible. If you are interested in interstellar travel, EVE Echoes is a suitable game to download to your phone.


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