Game EvoCreo

Game EvoCreo
Publisher ilmfinity
Genre RPG
Size 45MB
Latest Version 1.9.8 b202
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update December 22, 2020 (3 months ago)

The phrase Pokemon is not a new thing through each of us when we were young, the Pokemon movie title is one of the extremely famous movies. The film is based on the title game of the same name and has received a lot of attention from the audience. Now there is a game that has inherited all the quintessential things of his previous brother, that is EvoCreo. This is the game produced by a little-known manufacturer called infinity. Although not a famous name in the world of games, they have created a great game.

This is an RPG game combined with the familiar pet training model of Pokemon. Coming to the game you will experience the fierce battle between different Creos to know who is the winner. You will relive the childhood memories that seem to have been forgotten. So what are you waiting for without becoming a talented Creo trainer and with his Creo climb any glorious peak?


The world we live in has been formed since time immemorial with monsters called Creo. As soon as we appeared, we knew of the existence of Creo, which has helped a lot in human life. They have been with humans throughout the history of development. The people who tame and nurture Creo are called Evoker, they can connect with the Creo to subdue them. The thing that always exists in any civilization is war, in this world, wars happen constantly and take the lives of many people.

So frustrated with this, they decided to organize tournaments between international Evoker to decide the winner. Right now our main character is a boy who lives in a peaceful and beautiful village. His father was a powerful Evoker but was captured by the Shadow Hive organization. He will have to follow his father and become a powerful Evoker to be able to save his father. Since then his life has changed completely, he has taken the journey to become the world’s leading Evoker and rescue his father. You will be his companion on the road to becoming a top Evoker to save his beloved father.


The gameplay of the game is not too complicated, under the guidance of the NPC the player can quickly understand the gameplay. Players can recruit wild Creos so they can fight under their direction. The higher the Creo level, the harder it will be to recruit, so players need to be patient. The fighting mechanism of the game is quite simple, the Creos will take turns attacking each other and players will choose the skills to perform. There will be a Creo HP bar on the left of the game screen, the two sides will take turns attacking until one of the two sides runs out of blood first, the other side will win. In the game, there is a special mechanism that counteracts each other’s attributes, for example, ice attribute, fire attribute, fire attribute, and metal attribute, etc. The player must choose Creo. how to counter the opponent to easily get the victory.


Are you ready for the exciting features of the game or not?


Inside there are more than 130 different Creos including the evolution for players to tame and use in battle. From low-level Creos, you will raise and upgrade them so they can evolve stronger. There is a special feature that players can choose the evolution of Creo, not they are pre-programmed. Choose your strongest Creos to create a championship squad.

Online Multiplayer

In addition to the story mode, players can also participate in online battles with other players. There will be a category called Rank Battle, which will be where the best, strongest players will be honored. You can also become one of those players, collect for yourself the strongest Creo to create the strongest squad and climb to the top.


The 2D format combined with 8 Bit, like what we have in the past decade. Thanks to this graphic style, people can feel their memories alive and more special than ever. The game’s effects are very vivid, also built in a very light 8 Bit style so there will be no lag in the game. The sound of the audio is carefully integrated to match each action in the game. The background music is also extremely lively for players to listen to on this adventure journey. Download EvoCreo to become a powerful Evoker and own a collection of mighty Creos to climb to the position of Evoking Master.

MOD Info?
  • Selling BOTA DROP in a game store (not in a retail store) will give a lot of money


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