Game Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia

Game Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia
Publisher B.V.
Genre Action
Size 450M
Latest Version 0.647.84382
MOD Info High Damage/God Mode
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OS Android Games BV has contributed to Google Play’s database of many popular game products in many genres. In the action genre game, they are most popular with the Evolution series with three games running in parallel. The latest game in this series is Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia, which is the long-awaited sequel of his brother’s name. The beautiful battle scenes will come back with new details, revealing the remaining points of interest in its plot. Players will continue to accompany the sci-fi-style soldiers. This part 2 will reproduce the most intense and engaging experiences of Part 1 and show it at a different angle. The stories of the universe of Utopia are presented to players with a faster, more destructive and more engaging pace.

Evolution continues…

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia will work drastically, a smooth blend of top-down shooter, action, strategy and RPG elements! A match occurs that forces the player to observe a lot of things at once so as not to die unexpectedly. Besides, tactics and fighting styles must be predetermined if you want to win the most neatly.

Explore the planet Utopia, confront dangerous creatures

Utopia was previously a galactic billionaire resort but was harassed by ruthless marauders, monsters and battle robots. They created a chaotic scene, and constant battles took place, dragging the player into a whirlwind of fighting without escape. Captain Blake – the main character of this game, will have to use his psi-energy on all harassing enemies. His esper powers are the result of a dangerous experiment, to find a solution to this battle.

Diverse weapons, many new characters …

The game will be designed with space post-apocalyptic biopunk style, a style that is not new but will make players enjoy the scenery. The weapons that were created along with the outer space monsters with various nuances were introduced into the game. It takes a lot of effort to learn all the features that are available in Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia. An ingenious combat system requires players to master a lot of gaming skills such as tactical planning, map observation, fighting, etc. That makes the game balanced for battles. The first because these factors will affect each other, one factor will not become too strong or too weak compared to the remaining aspects.

With friends become heroes…

Diverse game modes are requiring various types of combat, different tactics. When you play in a PvE game, you will have to face opponents that are not so smart but have special powers that go far beyond you. If you want to overcome it, you can only use intelligence and maximize your ingenuity. Participate in Cooperative mode; players will be allowed to summon trusted allies, complete shoulder to shoulder missions with other players. The Online battles mode will be multiplayer, bringing about intense PvP battlefields.


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