Game Extreme Landings Pro

Game Extreme Landings Pro
Publisher RORTOS
Genre Simulation
Size 450M
Latest Version 3.7.6
MOD Info Unlocked
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Files March 9, 2021 (4 days ago)

In the past, we had horses; we gradually got trains and cars to travel. Throughout development time, there are no facilities to help people fly in the air. That vehicle is the most modern human thing ever; it’s the airplane – the idea that allows people to fly. Although it is a new vehicle, it has quickly gained the popularity of many people and is considered one of the safest vehicles. This has made many people want to be a pilot to control the planes themselves. But out of the millions of dreamers, only a few are chosen to fulfill their dreams. But if users come to the game Extreme Landings Pro – all dreams come true. In the free version, the game has achieved a lot of success, but in this upgraded version, everything will be even better.

The control mechanism is realistic

This game is a game about the flight simulator, so what the player controls are the planes. As many people know, to learn how to fly an airplane, the player must go through a long process. If to get a driver’s license, players only need a few months to study and practice and learn how to fly an airplane; it takes years. This game has successfully brought the control mechanism of the aircraft into the game for players to experience. Although it has been simplified, players still need to spend a lot of time to get used to it. But just try to practice, the player will quickly master all that the game has and become a skilled pilot.

Detailed instructions

As mentioned before, this game is tough to control and master the aircraft. If the game has just started, the game has given the task to the player; it may make players feel confused and complicated. So the game has given a tutorial stage so players can get used to what the game has. At this stage, the player will be given specific instructions on what to do to control a plane and practice them. Through this basic training, players will quickly know how to manage the aircraft in the game.

Perform assigned tasks

The game will give players a lot of different challenges and tasks for players to perform them. Completing these tasks is a way for players to earn a lot of money to do other things. The mission of the player is also straightforward; most of them are transporting passengers or goods to the required place to complete it. There are many different places for players to go, the further away from the higher the money toy get, the player receives. The game will bring players 36 various missions with many destinations around the world for players to explore.

Ensuring safety for customers

An essential thing in the game is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of other passengers so that they appreciate the players. During the flight, the most dangerous time of the game is when the player lands at the airport. If the player carefully decreases the speed, the player is very likely to cause an accident, so you still need to master your speed to land safely.


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