Game Ez Mirror Match 2

Game Ez Mirror Match 2
Publisher Bullinzadu
Genre Strategy
Size 47MB
Latest Version 4.7
MOD Info Unlimited Money/RP
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Update September 3, 2020 (6 months ago)

The traditional alliance has become one of the most sought after names in the present time. The number of continuous players Online still maintains its sales, not falling at all. It’s all so many game makers want to take advantage of this popularity to create products that they think will attract players around the world. Bullinzadu is an indie game producer, and they have endless passion for the legendary Alliance. They are a game production unit from Korea so you will see the beautiful style of this game. Although their in-game graphics are not appreciated because these are the products of an unpopular game production studio, there is no actual investment of any real game maker. However, it still attracts a lot of interest from many players worldwide.

Increase your strength and try out the A.I!

Ez Mirror Match 2 is the next version of a game that has received the support of many players. If you are a fan of League of Legends game, it will quickly feel that it is a hugely successful copy of this game. “Ez Mirror Match 2” absorbs the essence of the first part and adds more complicated things to make it look like the League of Legends. However, this game still works in the arcade game style, so you’ll find it extremely simple. The things that players experience in MOBA will be cleverly adapted and make you surprised about the creator of this game maker.


Ez Mirror Match 2 will require players to build for themselves a character that has been shaped in the League of Legends game. Players will be able to control familiar characters such as Ezreal, Leblanc, Kennen, Lucian, … They will fight with each other to determine who is stronger with better skills. Everything will not happen as a real MOBA game so she should not be too hopeful about the match battles. It will be an arcade game; the player will use the skills that the character has been shaped in the League of Legends and continuously shoots at the enemy. Which side will take more damage and run out of blood first, that party will lose.

There is one factor that turns the game into a crab swimming in the river in the middle of the map. If you use your skill to hit that crab, it will lose the damage, and the opponent will take advantage of it to outrun you. Compared to the first version, “Ez Mirror Match 2” will bring you up to 4 skills, simulating almost all you can do with a champion in LOL. Your character will become much more unpredictable if you use your equipment system. These devices also simulate precisely the same as what appears in League of Legends so players should be assured of its effects. For example, if you use a champion that uses physical power, give them pages that are close to physical damage and try to use some extra equipment to provide them with movement speed. That is the factor to maximize your damage.


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