Game Fall Dudes 3D

Game Fall Dudes 3D
Publisher PepUp Studios
Genre Arcade
Size 50M
Latest Version 1.3.8
MOD Info Dumb Bot
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Update January 28, 2021 (2 months ago)

Fall Guys is one of the game titles that are a lot of attention to players and has become the name mentioned a lot recently. On the PC and Playstation platforms, this is a game with very high revenue, but not everyone can experience the game. Players need to have one of the two devices to play the game, and both are very expensive, so not everyone can afford it. So there was a game released on a mobile platform and modeled after the game Fall Guys, which was called Fall Dudes. The game was launched on a mobile platform to serve players who want to experience the same feeling as in the original version.

Fall Dudes 3D (MOD, AD-Free)

Unique graphics style

One of the two things that make the game unique and attract many people is thanks to the graphics style of the game. In similar Battle Royale-style games, they often bring the colors of war and danger to create a tense atmosphere. But in this game, it does not bring a fun and exciting atmosphere for entertainment rather than fighting. The game is built in a 3D graphics style and combined with colorful objects to bring joy to the player. The movement effects of objects and characters have been smoothly finished for a fun and unique experience. When watching the little characters move through the challenges, players will feel very happy with their moving style. This has also contributed to the success of this game, although it was only released not long ago.

Fall Dudes 3D (MOD, AD-Free)

Unique gameplay combines two genres

The gameplay of the game has been built by the creative team based on the combination of two genres: Battle Royale and is racing to launch something new. When it comes to Battle Royale, many people will immediately think of survival battles, must destroy the opponent to win. But in this game, it doesn’t happen. If you want to win, the player has to be the one to finish first. Although in the game, there is also an element of fighting for survival but not shooting but racing. Who is the longest survivor and reaches the finish line earliest is the winner of the game. The purpose of the game is not to create a sense of combat but to bring fun and entertainment to everyone. This game has been successful in combining both genres and brings a very new and unique experience.

Fall Dudes 3D (MOD, AD-Free)

Experiencing many challenges

In the game, to win, the player needs to pass many stages with many different challenges waiting for the player. Each stage will be a different challenge to remove players who did not complete the challenge from the game. Participants don’t need to fight; they need to try to run and overcome the obstacles to get to the finish line before the others do. The unique thing about the game is that there are many different challenges at each stage to eliminate and find the winner. Some stages will ask the player to search for balls back to their team or avoid the oncoming millers to finish. In the game, to win, fast is not enough; players need to be careful to avoid obstacles in the game. When you are accidentally knocked out of the arena, you can start the game again at the checkpoint. But this will be a disadvantage because other people can use that time to finish.

Fall Dudes 3D (MOD, AD-Free)

Combined or alone

The game is also divided into two genres that are combined or alone to bring more interesting experiences. Players can create rooms and invite friends to come together to overcome the challenges in the game. When playing the game in a single mode, the challenges that the game brings are all about eliminating individual players. But if you play multiplayer, the game will bring more team missions to challenge the player. If you play the game in multiplayer mode, only one of your teammates will finish first.

Fall Dudes 3D (MOD, AD-Free)

Character Design

One of the unique features that many people love is the game’s character design, which is the first thing a player needs to do to start the game. Players can transform into a lot of characters from many different countries to play the game. Examples are Viking warriors, samurai, and many more to choose from.

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