Game Farming Simulator 20

Game Farming Simulator 20
Publisher GIANTS Software
Genre Simulation
Size 590M
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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OS Games Android

A city is a place with many opportunities to lead a successful life. But the city is also a busy and busy life, and everyone tries to work to become rich. There are a lot of people who want to leave their homeland and go to the city to start a business to become a successful person. But most of those who have succeeded wish to return to the countryside to enjoy a peaceful life. But people can rarely achieve this wish, because once successful in the city, people will be bound by many things. For example, they must continue their work so that they can earn enough money to take care of their families.

If so, why not try returning to the beauty of the forgotten region and becoming a manager of a farm in the game Farming Simulator 20. The game was released by GIANTS Software for mobile platforms, and this is also the publisher that has released previous versions of this game, such as Farming Simulator 18, Farming Simulator 16 … This game has been launched on PC and console platforms before, and very successful and has received a lot of praise from the players. Although it was just released not too long ago, this part of the game has been chosen by the manufacturer to adapt to the mobile version. This is the continuation of the success of Farming Simulator 19 on PC and console platforms, promising to bring players great relaxing moments along with his farm. The game will have a lot of improvements compared to the previous games, including things like graphics, features, scale…


The plot of the game is straightforward and easy. Understand, almost everyone will realize right from the first game. It is the player who gets into a farmer living in the countryside of America, and he works on his land to earn a living. He will raise and grow on this very land so that he can create products and sell them to make money. You will be with him in developing the farm.


The gameplay of this game is still similar to other games in the same farm management genre, but there will be a lot of differences in it. The same will be the player will have to build and develop his farm to make them grow. The difference is that the game’s style of play is very similar to reality, it does not have a fiction like the Happy Farm game, it is very close to reality to give players a great experience. The truth is that the gameplay of the game is not challenging, but the game requires players to invest a lot of time to be able to accomplish their goals. Initially, the player will be managed by a vast farm located in North America; the size of the farm is huge for players to explore freely. The special thing in this game is that players can control their characters riding horses to move between areas on the farm. The task of the player when playing this game is also very simple, that is, to develop your farm.

The first is that players will have to start with plowing their land plots so they can be suitable for planting. To be able to drill, the player must first have seeds, and to obtain seeds, and the player will have to buy them at the store or get the previous crop to sow. After being able to sow the seeds, the player will have to take care and fertilize them so they can grow. After fully developed to be ready to harvest, players will have to collect them and bring the harvested agricultural products to the factory to be able to pack them. Once the preparation and packaging work has been completed, the player will have to transport these products to a trading location to sell them to make money. But it is also forgotten that after harvesting, there will be redundant trees that are unusable, so why do not players use them as pet food? Besides farming, players can also raise some animals to earn extra income. For example, raising cows so that they can milk from them, raising sheep to get their fur to sell … But to get the product, the player must also take good care of them, for them. Eating, healing them … to ensure their health and maturity.


Supported Media

Wouldn’t you think that you would have to do all these things manually? If so, it would take years to complete the task. But the player could not have had time like that. Today is an era when technology has developed very strongly; in fact, there have been a lot of machines were born to assist people in breeding and farming. So in the game, there will also be a lot of modern machines inspired by reality to bring into the game. Modern vehicles such as Harvester, Tractor, Cotton Technology … Support tools will have things like Beet Technology, Planter, Power Harrows … To be able to harvest crops, the player will use Use Harvesters, to accommodate the product, there will be trailers pulled by the tractor.

Large Map

The map of the game is very large, the game’s map will be divided into many different areas for the person to choose. The area will be marked with ordinal numbers, and players will have to pay some money to be able to unlock them. Because the game’s map is so large, players will not be able to walk to the end of the map or use the tractor as a means of transportation. So players will be allowed to ride horses to move. This feature will give players the feeling of being a true cowboy.

Diverse Levels

The game has three levels, with each level will have a different difficulty level for the player to choose. The first level will be New Farmer, at this level, the player will be provided with a piece of land to farm and already have some equipment available. This is the easiest level for players to get used to how the game plays. The most difficult level will be the Start From Scratch level at this level, the player will start without any help at all. This is the mode closest to reality for players to experience.


This is the most noticeable change element in this game compared to other versions of the game. Still, retain the 3D graphics format, but what the quality of graphics has been dramatically improved than before. Although the game’s map is extensive, all the details in the game are carefully completed to bring the best player experience.

Farming Simulator 20 is an exciting rural simulation game for players to experience.


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