Game Figment

Game Figment
Publisher Bedtime Digital Games
Genre Adventure
Size 750M
Latest Version 1.5.0 b28
MOD Info All Unlocked
Update February 18, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Adventure is always something that attracts a lot of people, especially young people. We’ve also heard stories about the mysterious adventures of characters from fairy tales when our parents told us. Before sleeping, some people always wanted their parents to tell stories before going to sleep. These stories always bring us to fascinating adventures to be able to discover everything about it. Have you ever wanted to go to the world of dreams and discover it?

Figment (MOD, All Unlocked) ***

A strange and surreal world

Let’s come together with a game called Figment; this is a game about the adventures of a famous manufacturer called Bedtime Digital. This is a renowned manufacturer worldwide with a lot of famous games on mobile platforms. They have released several popular titles such as “Back to Bed” and “Chronology”, all of which are well known and popular among players. Coming to this game, players will experience the adventure of fighting with monsters, and answering those sentences is very interesting. Players will have very new experiences that previously players will not be able to find in any other game.

Figment (MOD, All Unlocked) ***


Every one of us has our fears, and they will often haunt us a lot. This will haunt some throughout their lives. Where do these things usually appear? It is in our dreams that, besides beautiful dreams, there will be nightmares that haunt us. Every time we sleep, fears will begin to creep into our dreams and scare us. But don’t worry, a knight will come and rescue us from our fear while we’re sleeping.

Figment (MOD, All Unlocked) ***

That hero, named Dusty, is the representative of the brave in each of us and helps us cope with all our fears. In this game, players will play Dusty, who will protect the minds of children from the monsters of fear. Dusty will face many challenges and fight with many monsters representing the fear. Use your courage to overcome all the challenges and destroy all the monsters in the game.


The gameplay of the game is straightforward; the player will be involved in many adventures in the dream world of children. The only destination of the players in this game is to destroy all the monsters of fear haunting the minds of the children. It is not easy to do that, because, in the process of finding the lair of these monsters, the player will have to go through puzzles in the game.

Figment (MOD, All Unlocked) ***

These puzzles are not easy, and players will have to spend a lot of time doing that. Not only that but before getting to the last monster and the source of all negative thoughts of a child, the player will be prevented by monsters. Players will use their fighting skills to be able to fight them, and the weapon in the game is a sword made of wood but has magical power. Players also need to have good character control skills to be able to evade enemy attacks. Because if they attack the player, they will lose some HP, and if HP returns to 0, they will lose their life. So try to make sure the player is not attacked too much by monsters to not lose their lives.

Figment (MOD, All Unlocked) ***


Besides weapons, what a hero can’t be without is special skills. If so, in this game, Dusty will have special skills to be able to fight the enemies. Players will perform special manipulations to be able to perform different skills and create a combo to kill the enemy.

Figment (MOD, All Unlocked) ***


The game has a 3D graphics format, a graphics format commonly found in many current games that gives players a lot of great experiences. But the special thing in this game is the design style of the characters and the map. All of them are designed with the lines of an American cartoon film, giving players the feeling of watching a cartoon movie.

Figment (MOD, All Unlocked) ***

Figment is a new game available on mobile platforms, and the game promises to give players a lot of great experiences. Brings players the most fantastic adventure.


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