Publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.
Genre RPG
Size 190M
Latest Version 1.1.3
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Update February 21, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Final Fantasy is a name that once swept the world gaming market in the late 80s and early 90s of the last century. This game became a community phenomenon at the time and received a lot of love from players and critics. The first game was released in 1987 and quickly became a craze to pave the way for the entire series to follow. After the 2010s, the game Final Fantasy Dimensions is one of the promising games that can continue the success of the elder. Released for the first time in September 2010 and quickly gaining popularity among players, the game soon became available on the mobile platform in 2012.


The game was initially intended to be released in early 2012. but for some reason, the game was delayed to the summer release date that year. This has made many players feel nervous and looking forward to experiencing the game. Although launched later than expected, but the game still received interest from a large community of players worldwide. This game is like reviving the golden age of the whole series and bringing players to the story of the game.


A long time ago, there was a great war that caused the entire continent to be devastated, but then it also ended, the Avalon Empire has taken over the world. The story of the game begins when Sol, Diana, Glaive, and Aigis are sent by King of Lux to learn about the powerful crystal that leads to the balance of the world. At the same time, Nacht, Alba, Dusk, and Sarah are also sent by the Avalon Empire to break Lux and Avalon’s treaty by stealing the crystal. On the way to the crystal breathing temple, Sol’s group meets a mysterious man called Elgo, and he agrees to take the group to the temple. When both of them reached the temple, the guardian spirit awoke to protect the crystal. Once the two successfully defeat the guardian, the crystal breaks in half, World of Light represents the day, and World of Darkness represents the night. Sol, Diana, Glaive, and Aigis captured the World of Light and became Warriors of Light with Elgo. Nacht, Alba, Diana, and Glaive devoted themselves to World of Darkness, and they became Warriors of Darkness. So both groups were divided, and both sides wanted to find each other to unite the crystal.


Adventure through the worlds

Previously, due to technological limitations, the game’s map was not made too big to fit the hardware of the time. But at the time this game was released, the technology of making games has made great strides to support players. So this game has a vast map for players to explore freely. Players can explore the vast dense forests, but dungeons full of danger or use the sailing boat to travel. Every place that a player goes to has a lot of tasks assigned to you to perform. Through the missions, players can learn more about the storyline and the journey of the characters. Players can earn a lot of EXP and gold to use when you finish a mission.


Explore dungeons

Quests are not the only thing players can explore, but there are also many dungeons arranged in the game for you to explore. But players need to consider carefully before coming here because this place is full of dangers and monsters. Although full of danger, it has a lot of treasure chests waiting to be opened. If the player is lucky, they can get a lot of rare equipment that the store never sells. Not only equipment but players also receive a lot of EXP to help you level up faster. When the player level up, the player’s stats will be significantly improved so that the player can continue to fight.


Unlock new careers

During your journey, the player will have to fight a lot, and when to a certain level, you will unlock new classes. These classes are critical in the game; they can be the key to opening a new world. The game will bring players eight different classes for players to experience. These include Freelancer, Warrior, Monk, Thief, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage, and Summoner; players can choose for their character. Each character will have a unique feature that the player can use and explore. Players can even exchange classes of warriors to has more exciting squads. Not only that, but the game also has ten other classes divided equally for two: Warriors of Light and Warriors of Darkness for you to choose. For the Warriors of Light, there are Dragoon, Bard, Memorist, Paladin, and Seer; as for the Warriors of Darkness, there are Ranger, Dark Knight, Dancer, Ninja, and Magus. You can also increase the power of the class by upgrading the AP points that the game gives to the player after each battle.



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