Game Final Fantasy II

Game Final Fantasy II
Genre RPG
Size 178M
Latest Version 6.2
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Update July 21, 2020 (8 months ago)

Final Fantasy was once a global phenomenon with a lot of interest to the players, and the proof is hundreds of millions of copies sold. Although the number of players is not large, this game has always been a legend of the world gaming market. You can turn to the sixth part of the game to be honored at the second place of the best RPG games of all time. But with those resounding successes, the game that laid the foundations, that’s the second part. The second part of the game is essential in shaping the gameplay and what is in the later games. Thanks to the contributions of this game to the series, the manufacturer decided to remake the game. But this time, it is not for the PC, nor the console, but this time it will be the mobile market. In the past, if you could not afford a console to play, now is the opportunity for you. This game does not require too much hardware, so it can be compatible with almost all current smartphones for players to experience.

The story of the game revolves around four boys living in the kingdom of Fynn, the four of them are Firion, Maria, Guy, and Leon, respectively. Their parents were sacrificed to fight when the army of Palamecia attacked the kingdom of Fynn. The ruler of Palamecia has summoned four demons from hell and used them as weapons to annex the world. The Fynn Kingdom was now a ruin after that battle, and all four tried to flee but were attacked. Those soldiers did not kill them but simply left them there and caused them to die slowly. Firion, Maria, and Guy are saved by Princess Hilda, the princess who built a rebel camp nearby to fight and oppose the Palamecian empire. All three wanted to repay the favor of the princess, so they joined the army to fight and made many military feats. Also, they fight for another purpose that is to rescue Leon, Maria’s brother, and friend of all three. So will their goal succeed? Or will they sacrifice once again on the battlefield? It all depends on you, come to the game to find out about what happened.

Discover a new world

In this game, the first part of the game has a complete storyline for players to explore. Thanks to the story, the map in the game has been greatly expanded for players to explore. The game also gives players a massive system of tasks divided into many different chapters for players to experience. Players must travel to many new lands, interacting with NPCs in the game to receive the game’s missions. Players need to complete the assigned tasks of this chapter to unlock a new chapter. Besides, the game also has a sub-quest system for players to explore; these tasks are not mandatory and not related to the main storyline. But it will give players a lot of valuable parts as some rare items.

Explore dungeons

If the player does not want to do the task quickly to complete the game, you can explore the dungeons that the game offers. Dark dungeons are hazardous places, and many players who are not careful will probably have to play the game again. Although it is a place full of dangers, it is also a place with many opportunities and treasures for players to find. If the player is lucky, they will find treasure chests containing a lot of rare equipment items that the store does not sell. This will give players a lot of powerful equipment to increase the power of the player.

Fight to become stronger

In this game, the characters in the game will not be promoted to become stronger, but will instead be a proficiency index. For example, when a player uses a sword to attack an enemy multiple times, the player will master the sword and become stronger. Warriors using physical power will reach the request slower than the mages because their skills are multi-target so that it will be faster. Besides, at the end of each battle, the player will gain strength once, the user will receive points to increase HP or MP. For the warriors in the front row, it is necessary to increase the HP, while the mages should increase MP to use more skills.

The style of projection that makes the brand

In most of the games in this series, the turn-based mechanism is used so that players can fight. Your team and the monsters will take turns attacking each other to find the winner. This game is also the first game that allows players to arrange characters in two rows to fight.


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