Publisher Ltd, SQUARE ENIX Co.
Genre RPG
Size 124M
Latest Version 1.2.5
MOD Info Unlimited Gills
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Update February 26, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Final Fantasy V is the fifth installment of the famous “Final Fantasy” series of the publisher SQUARE ENIX. It was released in 1992, right after the appearance of “Final Fantasy IV” since 1991. After it was released around the world, it immediately became famous. The exciting thing about the “Final Fantasy” series is that all of its versions are unrelated, each of which is a story about a certain character. The variety of characters, the plot, is the interesting thing about SQUARE ENIX, and all the “Final Fantasy” unrelated to each other makes the player more comfortable in choosing the game.



Compared to Final Fantasy IV, in this release, players can freely customize the character the way they want, and the default name of the character will be Bartz. Bartz’s story is extraordinary, as the power of the world elements is disappearing, and destiny brings everyone together in Bartz’s adventure. With the participation of humorous and unique characters from many different lands, Bartz’s party is growing stronger and more diverse. During battles, players will be allowed to use all the abilities of each character, or use the unique abilities of each character to progress the story.


The game has unique and new gameplay, compared to the previous parts of “Final Fantasy,” it has more changes. Yes, every time “Final Fantasy” appears, its gameplay may change, or it may add new features to give players a new experience. At the same time, their graphics will gradually be improved, and when its last part has sketchy graphics, characters are not detailed, the “FFV” uses classic 2D graphics. This classic 2D graphics is a breakthrough, and it has vivid colors, wonderful sound, and lovingly designed characters. Also, the gameplay of this part is a bit similar to the previous ones, but it adds some new things to make the player’s journey more interesting.


The gameplay introduces a job change system, which has been featured in “Final Fantasy III,” but through “FFIV,” it is no longer available. With the return of this system, even more diverse, it allows players to have a variety of choices in character classes and fight style for Bartz. The job-changing system can only be explicitly applied to Bartz, while other characters can only level up or use new weapons. Job diversity plays a massive role in gameplay, it allows players to use many different types of skills and equipment, and players will have more choices in building strategy. This game still uses a turn-based combat mechanism, so tactics play a big role in this game.


It all started with a strange change in the wind…

The objective of the player’s journey is to restore the power of the world’s four elements crystal, which is earth, water, fire, and wind. The player’s journey will cross pass many different places, terrains, hills, plains, and cities; everything will appear on the way. However, while moving, players will undoubtedly encounter many different enemies, each enemy has its fighting style, and they can all use some special skills. But on the contrary, players will meet many different people, and each of them always has a story to tell the player. Besides, there are also towns and cities along the way, where have many things available for players. Of course, weapons and equipment will change every time the player comes to a new city. Just like that, the player’s journey will go everywhere, meet many people, fight with many bad guys, just to restore the crystals and bring light to the world.


Four heroes set out on an epic adventure

The game also allows players to interact with many different characters to find the necessary clues for the trip. The game will also have a new and rich way of telling stories, combined with voiced characters to make the story more interesting. Players can make many different decisions in some situations, and even players can open up some secrets by interacting with the characters. This game has tightly built gameplay, a well-written personality for characters, and a world full of mysteries for players to explore. At the same time, the game also has many interesting plot twists to surprise the players, even making the story more profound and impressive.


Players have a very lofty mission, and players also have to rely on friends to overcome difficulties or make decisions to continue the game. “Final Fantasy V” not only gives players utterly new gameplay, but it will try to convey many other meanings to the player through its story. If you are a fan of the classic RPG genre, then this game will be a perfect choice for you.


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