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Files March 9, 2021 (4 days ago)

FINAL FANTASY is the first game, and the door to open a new universe of the legendary series FINAL FANTASY which is known worldwide. The game was released in 1987, so the game has classic 2D graphics, with a fantastic sound system that made the game famous around the world on its launch date. Moreover, the game combines Eastern and Western culture to create a new and endless fantasy world for players to explore. The main genre of the game, and the series in general, is role-playing, and each part of the series has no relation to the other.

That will make this series diverse in terms of plot, gameplay, features, and graphics. If the player wants to explore the universe of “FINAL FANTASY,” then start enjoying its first game, the source of everything.



The game has simple gameplay, allowing the player to become the main character and start the journey to save the world. During this trip, players will meet friends with the same motivation and ready to lend strength to fight the enemy. The game used classic 2D graphics, but it was the pinnacle of graphics at the time compared to the games released at the same time. The highlight of it is the sound system, every action, or every cutscene will have accompanying sound effects to help players have a better experience. And the inner world of this game is built with fantasy style, so it will be endless, contains many secrets, and even have a lot of things for players to explore. This game will also make the player’s journey more exciting thanks to the storyline, and it will open up new features, new mechanisms for players to use in the battle.

The combat is turn-based, is the most basic control mechanism that most role-playing games use. The turn-based mechanism allows the player to control the entire team of four to destroy the target. The diversity of characters in the squad is indispensable for role-playing games. As a result, players will have more choices in building tactics, using skills, and using items. Each character always has a unique advantage, and their role in the battle is helpful. Even their skill sets can be changed thanks to the game’s job-changing feature. The game was released in 1987, but the gameplay and its features are very outstanding, making players surprised and have much to do in the world of “FF.”


The world of “FF” is designed limited, and it does not allow players to move between different lands freely. Players will unlock new lands by progressing the story. Along the way, players will have to overcome many different challenges, fight enemies, and meet new teammates. The game will also build many different locations along the way for players to resupply items, change equipment, or receive side quests. When players participate in the “FF” world, they can do whatever they want, explore what is available, decoding secrets, or train their strength. Of course, the game will also have a variety of skill boards for users to distribute power points or change the character class. This game is guaranteed to give players all the quintessence of the RPG genre and give players an excellent adventure.

The game’s plot will slowly unlock new features, new lands, and new stories for players to enjoy. Moreover, the plot is built by many different factors, they are considered to be secret, and players can find pieces of these secrets scattered throughout the world. Even the game will build character characteristics in detail for players to enjoy chatting with them. While interacting with the supporting characters, players can freely change their character class whenever conditions permit or talk to know more about their past. Fate has brought everyone together, and this game will build everything in detail for players to enjoy it to the fullest. Besides, the gameplay will be improved continuously based on the process of the story, and players will unlock some new features, or new skills to use in a real battle.


“Final Fantasy” is a game that gives players a lot of emotions, exciting stories, and a worthwhile adventure. It is also a game that brings together the role-playing elements, even the inspiration of the following games. And ensure it will be a perfect game worth the time spent by the players. “Final Fantasy” was also the origin of the legendary “FF” series, so later games used it as a template and developed more variations. If players want to enjoy more things related to “FF,” then look for other versions of it and start to experience.


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