Publisher iGene
Genre Action
Size 46M
Latest Version 2.5.9
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update October 21, 2019 (1 year ago)

It’s undeniable that games of the Battle Royale genre are the current trend of the worldwide gaming market. Typically, there have been two top-rated titles at the moment: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. These are two trendy titles worldwide in the Battle Royale genre with a large number of players around the world. But does it reflect that you are tired of shooting and are looking for something new? So instead of shooting, we use the flash to destroy the enemy, why? Let’s come to the game, this is a game of genre Battle Royale that has just been launched by iGene. This game is a production from Korea famous for games like,… Coming to this game, players will get new experiences with unique gameplay original and creative. Players will not regret the money because they have downloaded the game to experience, the one that it promises to be very interesting.


The gameplay is mostly similar to other Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite. The player will be able to participate in a match with ten other players, and your task is to destroy all ten players to win. Initially, players will be taken to a waiting room within 1 minute before the start of the match to wait for the players to participate fully. Players will fight each other in a very narrow area, not as large as the PUBG or Fortnite games. Players will have to go around the map to look for items scattered across the map to assist in combat. In the game, all players will be invisible, so no one can see each other. The only way to see the enemy is to use a flash to fight the opponent. When hit, the enemy will gradually lose blood and will die if it is shown long enough.

There are also healing items to restore lost health. This item impulse plays an equally important role as the Flash because it will help players restore the lost blood. Each time using the Flash, they can only light for a short time, and then it will take some time to recover for the next time. There will be many other supporting items such as Role, Flash Bang… these items will also help players a lot in the fighting. To be able to move your character, use the navigation button located in the left corner of the play screen. Move wisely to avoid the enemy’s light and survive the longest. The projection key will be on the right of the playing screen for easy use. These buttons have to be opened by the creative team so that users can quickly look around. The area will become smaller and smaller to make players forced to fight each other.


Fast-paced match speed makes each game’s duration short

Each match in the game takes place to play up to 5 minutes, a short time for a set of the Battle Royale genre. Because there are only 11 players in the game room and the map is very small, the tempo of the game must be accelerated. Because players only need about 5 minutes to be able to complete a match, players can participate in many competitions within a very short time.


In the game, there are many costumes for players to choose and use when participating in the match. So, from creating yourself a look of your own to stand out among the other players.


Players can level up thanks to the experience points they receive each time a match is completed. The higher the level, the higher is the ability to prove your skills. You will be able to play with players who are at or near your level to ensure the balance of the game and bring players exciting experiences.

GRAPHICS has the familiar 3D Pixel graphic format, often seen in classic games. But now this graphical style has been accumulated into the game to evoke players’ past memories. Players will be able to play the game in the 3rd perspective with the camera placed at a 45-degree angle on the back of the character so that players can easily see all the maps. The effect of the game is made in a wonderful and extremely smooth way. They have been carefully crafted by the creative team of the game to give players the best experience. Hurry up and download now to enjoy the exciting experience like never before in any other game.